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How long coat with bright long coat with how to take

A good autumn and winter season is that you can wear two, you can block the fat, but also wear a lot of style, according to their own style or try a new style, according to women's long coat style, long coat may be you Choose a dark line, this is more wild, but today, according to women's -----

Korean version of the fall set 2015 new interpretation …

Set Korean fashion Korean women 's pursuit of the change from the customer to the user, for the user, more concerned about her shopping experience, such as how she is with! 2015 Korean version of the Korean fashion show women fall full of sweet new autumnal temperament. Wild Slim, enjoy a d-----

2016 Fashion Week Kate Spade New York Static Show

During the Spring/Summer 2016 New York Fashion Week, the static exhibitions of Kate Spade New York all brought people to the flowering season and spent a teenage fashion class in Huahai, telling the world that the maiden wind does not need to be defined! The pink and tender Kate Spade New York can&-----

Chu Court International Women: a touch of green to reta…

What kind of gift did the small buddies receive yesterday's Tanabata Festival? Have you received a gift is not a surprise? Did you go to the dating sisters after get off work for a beautiful date? Autumn morning after the weather is still slightly cool or not, or want to keep the summer to enj-----

2015 autumn and winter women trend fashion pants

The trend is changing rapidly. The craze of leggings is slowly being replaced by wide leg pants. Even Kate Lanphear uses a gray wide-leg pants to match a wide shoulder jacket to create a sharper yet stylish new image. . 2015 autumn and winter men's street week, it is cool girls who deduce this -----

"Ocean chalcedony" is chalcedony or agate

The birth of marine chalcedony is closely related to one person, that is, Xu Huien, chairman of the Chichi Group in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. He has a discerning eye, and found this agate variety with excellent texture and rich patterns of beautiful grasses in the agat-----

Warmly celebrate the animal husbandry soft underwear on…

Marching Tanabata just ended the footsteps of this garden city of Jiangsu for the first time ushered in the herd of soft underwear store opened two shops at the same time good news, it is worth celebrating the day! West and Lukou two places, keep pace, at eight o'clock this morning, ushered in-----