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2013 autumn and winter Milan show popular retro style

Leading Words: The 2013 autumn and winter Milan show was surrounded by deep retro moods, from the 20th to the 40s, 50s and 60s and 70s. However, the most important of these was the impact of the 40s style. From Prada to Bottega Veneta, the big names fell to the 40's and elegant styles. style -----

Experts teach you how to collect and identify tourmalin…

The wide distribution of tourmalines is not as “petty” as Myanmar’s old pit jade. The tourmaline deposits are usually located in the pegmatites and alluvial deposits. Among them, the most productive tourmaline deposits are Sri Lanka and Madagascar, and Brazil again. Braz-----

Wei Si Man women 2013 spring knit sweater recommended

In the future of warm spring, but frequently visited the cold air is still let people can not help but want to chill at this time, with a warm and lightweight sweater is particularly important. Below, follow Xiaobian to see Wei Siman have any good recommendation. Bat sleeve sweater: pattern hol-----

Clothes, sweety shadow fashion women love the early spr…

Chill is still shrouded in the earth, but colorful ANGEL has long been unable to bear, excitedly decorated with the primer of the early spring, the rainbow version of the color also brings full vitality to the dress vitality, let us involuntary spirits ! Yi Xiang Li Ying Fashion Women's early -----

DEESHA children's winter sweaters winter fashion ca…

In recent years, the weather is getting colder and thicker children's woolen jackets are naturally essential, and then a warm fashion sweater is indispensable. DEESHA fashion children's clothing always brings the most unexpected and the most fashionable surprise for the little princesses, w-----

5 details to pay attention to when buying jewelry

1. The claws should fit snugly to the gemstone. If there is a gap, the gemstone is easy to fall off, and on the other hand, the claw becomes a "barb", which is easy to scratch the skin and clothing when worn. The rap will be handled smoothly, and the hand will be-----

Winter fur jacket mix and match show full gas field

On January 25 this site , the temperature dropped sharply these days, it is time to put out the fur jacket, do not wear the kind of exaggerated fur coat, a simple fur vest, short jacket, or cap Along the fur-decorated clothing can be a very feminine expression of feminine. The collar and cuffs ha-----