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What are the jade similar to jade?

The proliferation of counterfeit goods in the jade and jade market has become an open secret. While it disrupts the market order, many people are deceived and the enthusiasm of more people is hit. The following small series summarizes the jade and its characteristics that -----

Energy-saving development of LED lighting miner's l…

Often talking about a problem, will stand in their own position, and it will always be the common sense to debate their own opinions. There are a lot of debates on LED lighting, which can be described as "hot". Before the debate, I think everyone will know who can-----

Short skirts with a skirt with what shirt look good

Every season can see the emergence of short skirts, no matter what kind of match with a way, the skirts are so popular with girls. Sports, pastoral, sweet, ladies or urban mature type, each type can see their differences and tipsy place. So in the spring has come, how should the skirt with more ou-----

Black and white sweater with black and white sweater wi…

Knitwear is an essential spring and autumn style, whether it is with a shirt or bottoming shirt are good-looking, Ya Fu women black and white striped sweater style, the classic black and white to create a different visual effects, so that the classic black and white wear out of urban women An idea-----

Emerald: the first door to pay attention to (Figure)

As one of the top five gems, emerald is the hottest "red man" in the jewelry industry. This green gem, which was once largely untouched in the domestic market, after the emerald, like a powerful runner, is stirring the blue sea of ​​domestic green g-----

Jiangsu can build a contrarian expansion sapphire

At the beginning of the new year, the board of directors of Jiangsu Nengjian Group, a top ten enterprise in Gaogang District of Taizhou City, made a decision: to increase capital by 100 million yuan to expand the production capacity of the Xinjiang sapphire base. During th-----

Which jewellery and jade have health benefits

The ancients said that jade is beautiful, and gold is priceless. As the saying goes, "Man raises jade for three years, and jade raises a person's life." "There is jade on the body, and the disaster is a blessing." From a scientific point of view, ma-----