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Retro gentleman Ted Baker 2013 autumn and winter catalo…

It's really impossible to go out and get such a retro and gorgeous old-fashioned train. However, the concept of hard-to-concave can't be left. In summer, you can widen your vest, take your pants, and drag your feet. To release nature, but in the fall and winter, it's hard to decorate it-----

Nan Hong Agate Price soared to catch up with He Tianyu

In recent days, Chuanyang Nan Hong Agate's work won the “Baihua·Yuyuan Cup Gold Award” at the “2013 China Arts and Crafts Association and China Jade Fine Art Exposition”, which spread across Chengdu’s collectors’ community, bringing market parti-----

Malang: Selling $200 Foreign Trade High-end Women's…

In the foreign trade e-commerce industry, compared to the average selling price of most Chinese women's sellers products only 20,30 US dollars, Malang's cheapest summer dress will not be less than 50 US dollars, the average winter clothing price is 200-500 US dollars. And Malang is also in -----

LIL WAYNE teamed up with SUPRA CHIMERA to sell leopard …

The skateboarding brand SUPRA from California, USA, combines the perfect luxury style with extreme sports. It combines fashion, aesthetics, fashion, alternatives and skateboards with unique design and alternative positioning. It has become the current American shoe industry and even t-----

2013 Koradior Letier 2013 new autumn and winter - elega…

Koradior's rose woman is a romantic yet full of love, a cosy and happy woman. They were born during the Cultural Revolution around the 1970s, but the crazy and dark period was only a childhood mark for them. 2013 Koradior Letier 2013 new autumn and winter - elegant strikes 2013 Koradior Letie-----

Fashionable dress to catch summer tail

We must sneak away in summer, we must quickly grasp the tail of the summer quickly to a large summer dress. Dress is an indispensable single product in a woman's wardrobe, to win the color, to win the details are very like "careful machine." With its unique interpretation of the for-----

Cosmo Fashion Women 2013 autumn new three series came

Core Synopsis: In autumn and winter of 2013, the fashion women's clothing of Kupper brought us three series of themes, the retro mood of the romantic manor, the elegance and energy of the fashionable ladies' style, the simple and neutral academic style. Cosmo Women's Fashion Fall 2013-----