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SUPERGA casual shoes thick bottom wave blowing women…

SUPERGA casual shoes are blowing at the bottom of the platform, and the matching effect is high. The visual decoration effect makes the overall proportion better and perfect, and it is easy and comfortable to wear. It is said to be a must-have weapon for women. SUPERGA casual shoes t-----

Blue tourmaline color types

Blue tourmaline color types and price trends Tourmaline can be divided into a variety of colors, some common, some expensive, of which the blue tourmaline is probably a rare variety of tourmaline, and blue tourmaline refers to light blue, navy, green Blue, purple blue, dark blue, blue and -----

National weather cooling OL wear what coat?

For professional women, clothing with not only more appropriate to be more temperament, in the face of the country's cooling weather, then OL women wear more suitable jacket it? Xiao Bian today brought you a few stylish coat jacket with a model that allows you to wear stylish and stylish atmos-----

Corduroy fabric clothing style analysis

Although China's corduroy fabric design and production in the forefront of the international community, but for a long time mainly for the international market, domestic consumers and even some designers even know the corduroy clothing is not enough, resulting in corduroy clothing design and de-----

Congratulations Miss Wuhu, Anhui signed a successful la…

Congratulations Miss Wuhu, Anhui, a successful signing lady ladies wear contract! Anhui Wuhu Di Miss visited a number of brands, chose our era of ladies. Thank Miss Di Lady brand recognition and support! Lady era is not good? I myself said not, you see the most practical! Gold is not afraid of fi-----

Why are duvets more expensive than regular cotton?

As we all know, duvets are much more expensive than ordinary cotton. With the improvement of consumers' living standards, duvets have gradually become the new darling of home-based wintering products. So what is the down duvet? The core of the duvet is divided into white goose down, gray g-----

Congratulations Xi'an Minsheng Mummy Star counters …

Following the double 11 activities, Xi'an Minsheng Department Store Jiefang Road on November 21, held a large-scale VIP special activities to return all the love of old and new customers. Mommy Star counters in the activities of the popular sales performance, made a breakthrough in daily sales -----