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Striped T shirt with what color striped T-shirt look go…

Fashion is something that we will not miss, and now more and more eye-catching fashion sense, and many styles are we can not think of, but we can create to wear, Jie Milan Landi children's classic striped T-shirt with stripes classic we may Think it is black and white, but today Xiaobian introd-----

Catering industry anti-skid problem solution

According to data released by the China Cuisine Association, there are 4 million outlets in China's catering industry, of which only 3.8 million are individual and private enterprises, accounting for about 95%. At the same time as the growth in catering consumption, the enthusiasm of t-----

Will the black spots on Hetian jade slowly disappear?

Some friends who just played Hetian Yubiyu will ask this question: Is it a long time, can black spots or black spots in Jasper be worn? This home has Hetian telling you: It won't be gone. why? The black spots in Jasper are formed by the accumulation of iron in jade. -----

How is amber formed?

How is amber formed? What material is amber made of? There are a lot of people who are concerned about the formation of amber. Here, Mr. Yang, a researcher at the Amber Jewelry Amber, said so. Millions of years ago, in the virgin forest, there were some plants containing -----

Little knowledge, quarter-finished fabric appearance in…

The highest score for any single spot is four points. No matter what size (or meters) There are many defects in the fabric, and the score for each straight line (or meter) of the fabric must not exceed four points. The inspector is about 3 feet away from the fabric, with the fabric f-----

The tasks of the spinning processes - carding

Carding task After processing by the open-cleaning machine, the fibers in the lap or loose cotton are mostly loose cotton and cotton, and contain 40% to 50% of impurities, most of which are fine, strong fibrous Impurities (such as fiber-breaking seeds, seed swarf, soft-seed epidermis,-----

KADUNI Kaduoni Men's Henan Nanyang Grand Opening

Kardoni, a menswear brand of Guangzhou Kaduni Garments Co., Ltd., is rapidly spreading every vision with his warm attitude. The new store in Nanyang, Henan Province opened. Let's congratulate the new store's financial resources and make progress. Come! KADUNI Kaduoni Men's Henan Nanyan-----