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Winter season with different materials to create unexpe…

When it comes to collocation, people are more likely to focus only on collocation and color, often ignoring the material importance. In the autumn and winter season, the choice of materials is particularly important, with a clever material to enrich the content of the form of texture, the -----

REDU Hot 100% Menswear 2014 Summer New Product Launch w…

Guangzhou Huazhixu Garments Co., Ltd. is trying its best to create a fashion men's wear 100% men's clothing brand. Specially invited Taiwanese idol star Tang Shuzhe as the brand image spokesperson, its handsome appearance and vitality shape attract young people with the same appeal and temp-----

Short paragraph with sweet winter jacket must-have item

With the migration of time, down jacket slowly evolved, and now down jacket can also be called a single product of fashion, winter short paragraph 2013 winter jacket to create a sweet little fan, not too fancy down jacket, a simple pure color can have a sweet range of children Oh. Very -----

High-brightness LED package cooling technology analysis

In the past, LEDs can only be used as the status indicator. The heat dissipation of the package has never been a problem. However, in recent years, the brightness and power of LEDs have been actively improved, and they have been used in applications such as backlighting and-----

What good cowboy to join the project

Although China has innumerable of its own costumes, it has the advantage that other countries can not surpass it in the aspect of silk. However, in the cowboy market, it is absolutely impossible to "call it the boss." Then how can the legendary cowboy enter the Chinese market? What's -----

Warm congratulations ladies era G · ERA Huizhou Chenji…

Warm congratulations ladies era G · ERA Huizhou Chenjiang shop signed a success, will be opened on November 8, I wish Lady Ladies brand Huizhou Chenjiang shop business is booming, also welcomed the new and old customers come and enjoy the ladies fashion ladies fashion show . Ladies f-----

Fall autumn to wear on the body

Fresh nature is the essence of life, delicate and soft is the essence of a woman, fashion personality is a modern character. If the fresh and natural, delicate and soft and stylish personality together, it is the essence of the modern woman's life. Each life has its own characteristics-----