Find a line of fine ladies joining Jiangnan people

Jiangnan people joining each brand of clothing must allow you to inadvertently find the design highlights, low-key publicity, it is suitable for taste elegant women, suitable for OL wear mm workplace. Have both dreams, to pursue. Discount women's best opportuni

EP Ya Ying launched the golden dress, took 150 days

What is luxury, what is the real luxury? Autumn and winter of 2012, EP Ya Ying introduced the first fashion VIDEO "What is real luxury," tells the story of a boutique brand to explore the path of luxury efforts, luxury is the precious material and study o

QUEENSLAN brand women released 2012 autumn and winter new products

QUEENSLAN brand women's release 2012 autumn and winter new! QUEENSLAN brand women's fashion designer taste the taste of modern women longing for romance, nostalgia pure state of mind, the pursuit of simplicity and fashion design resonance, to show elegant,

"Condition Jia children" brand women fully lead the fashion trend

Founded in 1999, Shenzhen Kyang Jia Er Garments Co., Ltd. is a fashion women's apparel company which integrates design, manufacture and sales, and takes the brand strategy marketing as the leading factor. It has always been devoted to the apparel of "Jia J

Next door girl 2012 autumn big show sweet girlfriends love

To fresh and sweet style greatly loved by the female consumers favorite girls next door fashion, autumn and winter this year launched a popular new trend. By two sweet and lovely girl next door portrait interpretation of the theme of this season - Qingqiu dream sha

Beni fashion boutique beautiful color embellishment of sweet life

Benny has always been rising lips, pure and lovely image by the majority of young girls of all ages. 2012 Beni is dominated by the essence of cartoon popular elements, to lead the simple fashion, advocate a happy, sweet and sensual life. Beni fashion boutique beautiful color embellishment of s