Mei Mei women can teach you: Investment Raiders investment in the seven elements

Women can teach you lovely investment Raiders invest seven elements:

Element One: Geographic Location - Convenient transportation is the first condition for choosing a clothing store.

The second element: the flow of passenger flow - the flow of passenger flow is the main factor in determining the mall popularity index.

Element 3: Upfront Budget - Calculate the rents for the store, and the cost of the first product. In addition, consider the liquidity within three months.

Element 4: Clothing Positioning - to understand your choice of brand positioning. Is based mainly on men's or women's, mainly to quality brands or non-brand-based, shopping malls selling clothing positioning is very important, it determines your customer base.


Five elements: shopping center positioning - specific understanding of the shopping center of your choice of location, and you are located in the floor positioning.

Element VI: The internal environment - the internal environment determines the long-term development of the mall, so the hardware and software facilities to attract customers and consumers an important factor in a clean shopping environment, user-friendly facilities for you to win more customers.

Factor seven: ancillary services - delivery, delivery channels, purchase channels, property management ...... Good supporting services is also the key to attract businesses to join.

Determine the direction

To distinguish between the type of business district. The first is the city's business district, such as Wangfujing, Xidan, all Beijing city and outsiders will go; followed by the regional business district, such as zoo shopping district, is generally closely follow the fashion trends, fast-paced young People, small wholesale market stalls and some "gold rush" who love to go. The third is the community-based business district, usually the bottom floor of the residential area, attracting the surrounding living consumers.

Junction points that department stores, supermarkets, large parks, subway, light rail intersection, such as the International Trade. Transport hub is also a poly passenger point, the more obvious in Beijing is the zoo. Exhibition Hall and performance venues, sports venues are all gatherings point. The frequency of the survey should be considered at the same time as the frequency of use determines the flow of people. There is a large park and plaza, Commercial Street and so on.

Understand the environment, business district survey is necessary. Investors can get some information from the newspaper. In addition, after selecting an address, you can go to planning and research, basically five-year planning, when demolished next, what floor to cover, including floor area ratio, the height of the floor and many more. To grasp the changes around, because investing in a house, business is 50 years, non-commercial is 70 years, we must look long-term, understand the future planning.

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