Simple building fire gold jewelry was burned

The morning before yesterday, a simple dormitory building in a construction site near the Xiaodian Expressway was in flames. The fire was very fierce. The fire officers and soldiers heard the police and rushed to the fire to put out the fire. In the fire, the gold

Miu Miu缪缪 early autumn 2015 new women's album

Miu Miu's 2015 Autumn Collection Women's Release. Small capes, hunting deer hats, vintage stockings and boots, real wear yet playful series. This time Miuccia Prada's inspiration came from the Scottish field, retro pr

Glass partition precautions

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The glass partition is used to distinguish the indoor space façade, which is called the high partition from the ground to the ceiling, and is called the low partition.

Features of glass part

What aspects can be used to identify Hetian Huangyu true and false

Jade is very popular among Chinese people. It is very popular to make it into jewelry and jewelry. The texture and color of jade are unmatched by other jewels, and different varieties of jade have different qualities. Different characteristics, and we can choose ac

Which crystals can promote the cause in 2015?

Career is the yearning for everyone. The natural spirituality of crystal has the effect of improving luck. Below, Zhuoyang Crystal King will take a look at what crystal can help you in your career?

First, titanium crystal - the most comprehensive fu

Red agate stone effect

The effect of red agate stone: it can activate internal organs, prevent constipation, help toxins, and have a soothing effect on liver disease, rheumatism, neura