Picking ancient 簪钗 诀窍 (Figure)

In the late Qing Dynasty, a master skillfully crafted a whole piece of jade to make a hoe and a needle, which was worn by Cixi. In 2008, this imperial jade openwork faucet was valued at HK$8 million. Today, these ancient crickets and crickets are often taken over by buyers at high prices. However, not every piece of ancient scorpion and scorpion is worth a lot, depending on factors such as the identity and material of the owner.

The difference and characteristics of ç°ª and é’—

ç°ª and é’— are ancient hair accessories, their role is to burst. There is a clear difference between ç°ª and é’—, that is, there are only one single stock, and there are two or even more shares.

Material: ç°ª and é’— have ivory, bone, gold, silver, jade and enamel. The royal family and the nobility use jade, enamel and gold and other high-grade materials, while the folks use copper and silver.

Process: During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was the peak of the development of Yihe. During this period, the styles of the plaques were rich and the craftsmanship was complicated. The gold urns used by the royal family and nobles of the Qing Dynasty were covered with silk, silk, silk and other crafts; some of them had various and complicated auspicious patterns. This is technically difficult.

Theme: Many ç°ª and é’— have some well-known traditional stories, such as Du Shi Niang Shen Baobao, Shui Man Jinshan, and some other subjects from the "West Chamber", "Dream of Red Mansions", "Water Margin" and other works. The theme of some southern monks may be combined with landscapes, figures, bridges and flowing water, with a distinctive Chinese garden style.

Faction: ç°ª and é’— have the northern and southern factions. In terms of weight, the north ç°ª and é’— are heavier than the south, and the south is lighter in material and easy to be crushed; in terms of craftsmanship, the southern ç°ª and é’— are more delicate and delicate, while the north is rougher.

Weight: The lightest of cockroaches and cockroaches may be only a few grams, most of them are 10 grams and 20 grams, and the weight can be nearly 100 grams.

Level: ç°ª and é’— are also divided into three or six, etc., the classification criteria are determined by the material, the inlay and the identity of the owner. In general, royal and aristocrats wear higher levels of scorpion and scorpion, while folk crickets and crickets are relatively low.

Price determinant

Different prices are different, and some prices may be hundreds of thousands of yuan, millions of yuan, or even more than 10 million yuan, and some prices are several hundred yuan. The price is determined by factors such as process and material.

Age: Under normal circumstances, the older the age, the more valuable it is. The price of new gold jewelry may be 300 yuan / gram, while the price of old gold jewelry may be 3,000 yuan / gram, or even higher.

Weight: Since the price of ç°ª and é’— is calculated in grams, the heavier the ç°ª and é’— are more valuable.

Inlays: If you put high-quality gemstones on the enamel and enamel, such as turquoise, coral, agate, jade, tourmaline and pearls, the price will be higher.

Process: The higher the process, the more complicated and the finer the workmanship, the higher the price. If the enamel and enamel are covered with silk, silk, wire, intaglio, yang and hollow, the price is definitely high.

Born: The birth of ç°ª and é’— is relatively high, and its price is relatively higher. For example, the enamel and enamel used by the royal family and the nobility are of high craftsmanship and use the best materials. The price of such sputum and sputum can reach millions and tens of millions of yuan. The sputum and sputum used by the private sector are mainly copper and silver. Although the price is increasing, the price difference with the aristocratic supplies is still very large.

There are a lot of fakes and shackles on the market today, some are new and old, and some are impersonating gold and silver with other materials. Therefore, the novice should try to see as much as possible before starting the old shackles and squats. Don't rush to buy. Even if you buy it, you can buy some low-priced, relatively small-sized sputum and sputum, and then gradually buy some big ones. At the same time, don't buy ç°ª and é’— from street vendors, but buy them in regular, professional and licensed stores.

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