Glass partition precautions

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The glass partition is used to distinguish the indoor space façade, which is called the high partition from the ground to the ceiling, and is called the low partition.

Features of glass partition: good lighting, sound insulation, fire resistance, environmental protection and easy installation, reusable, maintenance-free.

The single glass partition is a single-layer glass partition, and its basic structure is a partition wall composed of a single-layer glass and an aluminum metal profile, which has good space and low cost.

Double glass partition is double-glazed partition, the basic structure is a partition wall composed of double-glazed glass and aluminum metal profiles, which is firm and durable, and has a stronger overall sense. The addition of various types of louvers in the middle of double-glazed glass can achieve more effects. .

The usual area of ​​use of the partition wall product can be considered as follows:

1. The meeting room, negotiation room, design room and other similar areas can be selected with a crosspiece type, and the double-sided tempered glass is composed of 6mm+8mm. Because of the high sound insulation coefficient of this combination, it meets the quiet and interference-free requirements of the above locations. The crosspiece design can reflect the atmosphere and the effect of stability.

2. The chairman, general manager's office and other similar areas may use the built-in venetian blind type, and the double-sided tempered glass is composed of 5mm+6mm. Because of the high sound insulation coefficient of this combination, it meets the privacy requirements of the above places. The built-in venetian blinds add a function of communicating with the external environment and are more intimate.

3. The spacious and bright working environment of large office areas and the like reflects the modern atmosphere and management style. The interaction between employees will also greatly improve their work efficiency and satisfaction. Therefore, single-sided glass side and double sided glass types are available.

4. Areas such as car showrooms.

Display and sales are increasingly connected. Because the staff must keep abreast of the situation in the exhibition hall and communication with multiple customers, but also need to negotiate privately with individual customers. Therefore, the choice of no crosspiece type is suitable.

5. Some areas within industrial enterprises.

This type of area usually combines the functions of production, research and office. Therefore, it is necessary to use a reasonable combination of glass partitions (walls) and physical partitions (walls), making the design more realistic and practical.

6. The glass partition wall can provide professional advice for the selection of the module style, and provide engineering examples for reference.

Matter two

1. The glass partition wall is not a load-bearing wall. There is a little imagination space when designing, but it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of layer height, wall thickness and style color.

2, the color of the partition should be consistent with the tone of the interior decoration.

3, carefully selected and processed materials, to achieve excellent external image formation and use of functional separation, so the final decorative effect of glass partition and functional zone separation is the primary focus of material selection.

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