Simple building fire gold jewelry was burned

The morning before yesterday, a simple dormitory building in a construction site near the Xiaodian Expressway was in flames. The fire was very fierce. The fire officers and soldiers heard the police and rushed to the fire to put out the fire. In the fire, the gold jewelry stored in the house by the construction site was swallowed by the fire, and only a part was found afterwards.

At 9:50 in the morning, the fire officers and soldiers received the alarm and quickly rushed to the scene. This is a two-story simple building constructed of color steel plates. The fire spreads at a faster speed. The houses on the second floor are tilted in the fire, and the first floor has not been affected. The officers and men quickly laid water belts to fully block the spread of fire. After some rescue, the fire was finally brought under control. According to the construction personnel, there is no electricity in this simple building, and there is no source of fire. It is impossible to confirm the cause of the fire.

After the fire, some people at the scene suggested that valuables were still being burned. People then went to the fire to find a gold bracelet and a gold ornament. In addition, some jewellery was still not found, and when the fire officers and soldiers left, the workers were still searching on the spot.

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