Women's pregnancy gambling addiction for gambling stealing girlfriends gold jewelry

A girl, who was gambling addiction during pregnancy, also lost a lot of money. In order to raise gambling money to continue gambling, she repeatedly extended her thief to the girlfriends who had been together.

The 20-year-old Xiao Hu is from Guizhou and is a guest at the KTV in Dongyang City. She has a girlfriend called Xiao Wei, and they are also fellow villagers.

In the second half of last year, Xiao Hu became pregnant, no longer went to work, transferred the rented house in the city to Xiao Wei, and moved to the sister of Nanma Town. Xiaohu couldn't stop, and she was fascinated by gambling and lost a lot of money. On the eve of New Year's Day, Xiao Hulai City played, staying in Xiaowei.

One night, she Xiao Wei went out to eat, and secretly hid a gold ring in Xiao Wei’s bag to himself.

In fact, Xiao Wei found that the gold ring was not seen, and immediately suspected that Xiao Hu had moved his hands and feet, but because of the sisterhood, she did not break.

Xiao Hu thought that he did not know what he was doing. After more than a week, he took away a string of gold necklaces and a gold bracelet from Xiao Wei.

These things were bought by Xiaowei for 14,000 yuan. This time she was distressed. She told her boyfriend and called Xiaohu. Xiaohu admitted. But she sold it, and the money was also squandered by her to buy an iPhone6 ​​phone and gambling. She said to Xiao Wei, "If you don't have money, if you can't, you can get an alarm." So Xiao Wei called 110 on January 12.

On January 26, Xiao Hu, who had been pregnant for more than five months, was arrested. The suspected theft was escorted by the Dongyang Municipal Public Security Bureau.

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