SIU's four major brand apparel is about to debut CHIC2012

SIU opened its first flagship store in Beijing in 2009, bringing together brands from around the world, including SIU, Margherita Ovi, les 100 ciels and Armand Basi, each with its own unique personality. 2012CHIC Beijing exhibition, SIU bring its flagship exhibitor

The transformation and upgrading of clothing and textile companies

Rain, snow, cold and windy. However, in the Keqiao Development Zone, reporters everywhere can feel the upsurge of transformation and upgrading.

The Keqiao Development Zone, which is located in the “Charming New City North extension extension zon

March 30 is approaching, underwear brand war quietly started

The annual 38 International Women's Day is approaching, online shopping is not difficult to find people in the major underwear brand's official website, has quietly opened a no-smoking brand war. A variety of promotions, preferential means tricks renovation

Underwear the right choice to protect the perfect curve of women

Underwear is not easy to buy a wear on it, there are many details that we need to be aware of. Here we take a look, how to choose the most suitable fit your body underwear. The first step: the right to measure their own bust Surrounded by a soft under the breasts along the horizontal level f

YANLING women's debut in Beijing CHIC2012

Yan Ling Fashion Group by the Chinese brand female Ms. Wang Yanling was founded in 1986, with a leap-forward development, leading the show high-end women's fashion, currently owns Beijing Yanling Corporation, Hebei Yanling Branch, Hong Kong's Aberdeen subsi

Jeanswest leisure brand implanted in the TV drama "That is a spring"

February 15, led by well-known actor Jin Sha, Wang Xiaoyi starring in the 30-episode TV series "That is a spring," Hui shot in the machine. Provincial Standing Committee and Executive Vice Governor Xiao Zhiheng, Provincial Deputy Secretary-General Yang Shaosen, Huizhou Municipal Par