GO & T song Lin fashion women to create winter urban charm girl

GO & T Kolin , from Hong Kong's mature urban fashion brand women , her design orientation is 28-45-year-old white-collar career women, the design philosophy is: fashion without publicity, reserved without losing passion. GO & T Kolin pay attention to te

4 common disease prevention tips

[This site - shoes and life] Marilyn Monroe has published "heeled shoes declaration": "Even if it scars me, I will love it like a man love it!" And anoth

Sweet sequined stiletto heel for only 117 yuan

This site reported on January 2 that it entered 2013, with large and small parties continuing one after another. If you want to become a focus at the party, I suggest you to create a Bling Bling costume, with shiny sequins single product that can make you a party queen. No

Duan Ke suit: To enter the national market next year

Yesterday, Duan Yuanhong, chairman of Chongqing Duanshi Group Co., Ltd., told reporters that next year, Duanji suits will go out of the southwest and enter the national market.

Winter health warmth

The core reminder: "Huang Di Nei Jing" winter health thinks that the winter climate is cold, the vegetation is dying, is the season of all things hidden and hidden, this time is the best time for human body conservation, should pay attention to protect yang, recharge your batterie

Lei Le Duom 2012 Autumn/Winter Product Release: Nostalgia

The green recovery is the illusion and longing for life. In this season, the budded Doommy green line is dominated by a loose silhouette, with a green symbolizing the vitality of life, giving people a hopeful sense of security. …

Factors to pay attention to when purchasing fabric decoration

Cloth is increasingly favored by people in modern homes. It softens the hard lines of the interior space and gives the room a warm touch: either fresh and natural, elegant or gorgeous, or romantic. Fabric decoration includes curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads, upholstery, cushions, sofa

Beaubeis fashion brand children's clothing love from the beginning

Green, is a symbol of life, endless; children, just like trees, absorb nutrients continue to grow, but their delicate skin, but are often harmed. "Biobase", a fashion brand named after the symbol of nature's life. To help children create a healthy and happy lifestyle as their res