Longyear Spring Market Spreading Price Index Slightly Declined

First, the overall situation of the recent fabric market overview:

Since the opening of the city of Longyearchun in China Textile City on February 6th (the lunar month of the lunar calendar), the traditional marketing has been spread

Tongxiang Xiao Miaomiao purchase price increased year-on-year

The so-called “moving Eastern Sangxi” is the country’s combined strategy for the development of the western region, giving full play to the technological and financial advantages of the old silkworm industry in the eastern coastal areas, and

TOPBI (Tao Di) children's wear and your true love CHIC2012

TOPBI (Amoy Di) brand as an internationally renowned children's wear brand, entered the Chinese market in 2002, after continuous efforts and innovation, in 2005 by the National Ministry of Commerce as "2005-2006 Ministry of Commerce focused on cultivating and developing the export bra