Paddy children's wear introduced "children's body parts and measuring methods"

Children are in a period of rapid growth. Therefore, do not over-fit the clothes and make appropriate looseness. Therefore, to measure the correct size, the appropriate degree of relaxation and adjustment of the length must be given according to the style of the clothes . General should be measured outside the thin clothes. First of all, to prepare a thin band, the level of the body in the finest bundle, this position is the waist line. Because the child's waist is relatively circular, not obvious enough, bundled with a band can be used as a reference when measuring body, or bending the elbow, the outside of the bone protruding point, that is, the location of the waist. Need to measure the location of the following: Inaba baby products 1, the chest will be the highest position of the chest, insert two fingers into the horizontal measurement around the week. 2, waist circumference with a fine belt beam good position, insert two fingers, horizontal measurement around the week. 3, hip in the largest part of the buttocks, hip high, insert two fingers, horizontal measurement around the week. 4, back from the neck circumference after the center (near the seventh cervical vertebra) to the waist line. 5, after the length of the neck from the center of the neck, the amount stopped to the waist line, click the tape measure to the required length. She is based on the child's age, wearing the season and the style of clothes to decide. Cool jacket down jacket, Chen Zhen down jacket is generally younger age to wear short clothing effect is ideal, slightly larger children to determine the length of clothing based on temperament. Which should also consider the popular factors. Paddy baby products 6, Sleeve will arm naturally drooping, from the shoulder point (SP) amount to the wrist. 7, the length of the skirt from the waist line (WL) to fit the length of the style, or minus the long length from the clothing length. 8, pants length in the side of the amount from the waist line to the lateral malleolus, according to the style of the popular changes can move up and down. 9, standing file deep position to sit in a flat hard chair, on the side, since the amount of the waistline volume down to the chair plane. 10, head circumference insert two fingers, the largest part of the head circumference measurements around the week, this size can be used to make hats, or to determine when the clothes open for reference. 11, Shoulder neck after measuring the center point between the left and right shoulder end size. Back to determine the size of the width, can be cut on the basis of shoulder width 3cm

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