Longyear Spring Market Spreading Price Index Slightly Declined

First, the overall situation of the recent fabric market overview:

Since the opening of the city of Longyearchun in China Textile City on February 6th (the lunar month of the lunar calendar), the traditional marketing has been spreading day by day. The number of customers entering the market gradually increased throughout the country, and weaving fabrics interact with knitted fabrics in spring and summer. The turnover of various types of fabrics increased day by day, and transactions shook the uptrend. Variety with novel patterns and sales at the same price was the first to start volume trading. The marketing of fashion creative fabrics continues to go smoothly. Many Shaoxing textile enterprises have joined the ranks of independent research and development. The pace of new product renewal is quickening, product styles are increasingly diversified, and environmentally friendly printing and dyeing processes and spiritual creative designs closely follow the international market trends. New product development efforts continue to increase.

Second, the analysis of the main price index of textiles:

The price index of the 20120220 issue of the “China·Keqiao Textile Index” closed at 106.57 points, down by 0.07% from the previous period.

The current price index fell by 0.18% from the beginning of the year and was increased by 1.52% year-on-year last year. In this issue, the first class classification showed that the price index on raw materials and apparel fabrics declined in different degrees, which drove the general price index to decline slightly. However, the price index on grey cloths, home textiles, and apparel accessories increased in an unequal amount, relatively limiting the decline in the general category price index.

Third, the analysis of the operation of the recent price index:

1. The price of the international raw material price rises and falls as the international oil price fluctuates. The price of cotton continues to rise. The recent international crude oil prices fluctuated upward. The upstream polyester raw materials PTA and MEG prices were mixed. For example, the spot prices of PTA East China market were lower at 8,750 yuan/ton on January 13 and 8,950 yuan/ton on February 17. ; MEG East China market lower spot price negotiated on January 13 at 8480 yuan / ton, to February 17 at 8150 yuan / ton; Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi-fibre polyester chip spot cash acceptance lower negotiation price on January 13 at 10950 yuan / Ton, to February 11 at 11,150 yuan / ton, the price center of gravity than the early Spring Festival showed a trend of rising shocks. Domestic cotton prices continued to show upward trend. For example, domestic 328 cotton prices closed at 19,246 yuan per ton on January 13, and ended at 19,553 yuan per ton on February 17, up by 307 yuan per ton; 229 cotton finished at 20,468 on January 13th. Yuan/ton, to February 20, 2015, closed at 20,782 yuan/ton, an increase of 314 yuan/ton.

2. The outlook for development this year is “not too optimistic” and the industry will enter a transition period. 1 The pace of development will slow down, and the recent weakness in the prices of polyester filaments will decline. At present, due to the increase in the overall cost of labor and other exchange rates and the impact of exchange rates, some SMEs are afraid to take orders. Some low-end orders continue to shift to Southeast Asian countries, and the shift is more obvious. As a competitive industry, the textile and apparel industry will still face greater difficulties and challenges. At present, the production efficiency of textile and garment enterprises cannot keep pace with the increase in cost, and the development model based on quantity has come to an end. SMEs are not optimistic about the development prospects of 2012, and the development speed will slow down. The industry will enter the transition period and it is necessary to achieve transformation and upgrading. Recently, the marketing atmosphere of polyester filament in Qianqing Raw Materials Market of China Textile City showed a downward trend, and the price of polyester filaments showed a softening trend. The sales volume of polyester filaments went down, the production and sales of spinning manufacturers declined, and the inventory of polyester filaments increased significantly. Pressure appears, Polyester discount promotional efforts to increase locally. Due to relatively limited orders from weaving factories and lack of labor shortage, the polyester raw material market in the upstream is relatively insufficient to support the polyester filament market. Due to insufficient downstream demand, polyester filament prices have weakened. 2 “Four Run-up Projects” to accelerate the upgrade of China Textile City. Longyear China Textile City will accelerate its take-off. The market management department plans to introduce four powerful new measures to improve the market credit system, market self-discipline model and market operation rights protection model, focus on creative protection, prevent and control market risks, and accelerate the promotion of The transformation and upgrading of China Textile City. According to the development characteristics of Shaoxing County's textile industry cluster and professional market, this year the market will focus on promoting the "four major run-up projects" to help the market to upgrade and upgrade. Among them, the project of “intensifying the protection and development of new elements in the market” encompasses the creation of high-level rules and standards for the determination of copyright disputes in patterns, and the fair, convenient, and rapid resolution of copyright disputes. The four major run-up projects include “promoting the healthy development of e-commerce in the market”, “deepening the protection and development of new elements in the market”, “building an in-depth market service management platform”, and “improving the mechanism for the operation and maintenance of rights in the market”. Shaoxing County will further improve the market operation and rights protection mechanism, improve the credit China Overseas Textile City's buyers credit information mutual evaluation function and credit warning and illegal credit exposure function, promptly display bad credit information, and improve China Textile City textile purchase and sales contracts. 》Format contracts, specify payment methods and dispute resolution methods, and effectively prevent transaction risks in advance and in advance to help business operators prevent business risks and avoid and reduce additional losses.

3. The price of Xiaoshao Pure Cotton Yarn has been steadily rising and the market volume has been relatively insufficient. The spot price of cotton in the upper reaches continues to rise. Driven by the continuous rise in cotton prices, the prices of pure cotton yarns in domestic markets and manufacturers have increased steadily, but the overall transaction volume has declined. The yarn market in Xiaoshao District was dull and the transaction atmosphere was still weak. The transaction pressure remained. Xiao Shaochun cotton yarn prices rose steadily, but the market turnover was relatively insufficient, the market sales atmosphere was dull, the actual demand was not large, and the enterprises were still mainly shipping. China Textile City Qianqing Raw Material Market 21S Cotton Knitting Yarn Anhui Huayang Shangzhi/First Class January 23 mainstream quote 24,500 yuan/ton, to February 17 mainstream quote 25,000 yuan/ton (up 500 yuan/ton ). 32S cotton combed yarn Shandong Zhongyuan produced / first-class products on January 13 mainstream quoted at 30,300 yuan / ton, to February 17 mainstream quoted at 30,500 yuan / ton (up 200 yuan / ton).

4. Grey cloth transactions picked up slightly. Recently, the sales of grey cloths in the textile city picked up slightly. Since the market opened in the spring of the year in Longyear, the traditional marketing of the textile and textile field has been rolled out daily. The operating rate of some weaving factories in the Xiaoshao region has increased, but due to the lack of labor shortages, the majority of market operators The increase in marketability of marketable grey fabrics led to a slight rebound in grey cloth sales. Recently, the daily turnover of natural fiber grey cloths, chemical fiber grey cloths and blended fiber grey cloths has picked up in varying amounts, and the price of grey cloths has rebounded slightly, driving the price index on grey cloths to rise slightly.

5. The price index of apparel fabrics declined slightly, and the turnover of popular fabrics was insufficient. Since the market opened in the year of Long Nianchun, the traditional market after the Lantern Festival of China Textile City has grown slightly. Since the recent marketing, the marketing has spread day by day. The apparel fabrics have been interacted with a variety of fashions, and a variety of fashion and creative fabrics have been introduced. Go smooth. However, the turnover of popular fabrics is still relatively inadequate, and some small and medium-sized merchants still have low market turnover, which is still insufficient compared with the previous period of the Spring Festival. The spot prices have remained stable in some areas. As far as the overall market is concerned, although most retail outlets have a relatively large number of sample types, the spot market is still relatively insufficient. Some small and medium-sized retail outlets still have insufficient spot transactions and orders, and cotton fabrics, polyester fabrics, and polyester/cotton fabrics in apparel fabrics. The turnover of nylon fabrics showed an unequal decline, driving the price index of apparel fabrics to decline slightly.

Fourth, the market price index forecast

The People's Bank of China decided to reduce the deposit reserve ratio of deposit-taking financial institutions by 0.5% starting from February 24. This is the first time since the central bank cut the deposit reserve ratio this year, but also after the recent three months (the last time the reduction was November 30 last year, the same rate of reduction), the central bank lowered the deposit reserve ratio again. According to the calculations, after the reduction of the deposit reserve, the liquidity of the banking system can be released at one time by about 400 billion yuan. It is expected that the sales of marketable fabrics will continue to increase in the traditional trading areas and corporate trading areas of China Textile City, and the marketing of creative fabrics will continue to be smooth in the afternoon. Some front-end and back-factory fabric companies and large-scale outlets sell fabrics with new products. With creative design and high quality, the sales volume of new-style spring-summer fabrics will gradually increase, driving the overall market turnover to rise. The turnover of innovative fabrics will continue to be smooth due to product transformation and upgrading. Some fabric companies aim to improve their own product quality and implement differentiated strategies, attract customers with their own strengths, and ultimately get rid of the disadvantages of price vicious competition, fabric design and innovation. Work hard, creative fabrics, larger unit price of goods will still be boosted.

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