Rongrong Yarn, Centennial Classic: Only the best yarn in the world

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When we talk about Italy, we will think of Bvlgari, a century-old, and Armani, an avant-garde favorite, and world-famous luxury brands such as PRADA, Gucci, and Fendi. Their rigorous quality is timeless. The desig

"By Vini" brand women extremely sharp fashion sense

Modern life focuses on the natural environment, " Yi Weini " Zeyi concise, hearty attitude to express their own and humanistic color, with refined clothing products reflect the natural, elegant taste of life.

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Boss' sales orientation

[China Glass Network] Every company is in the process of producing and selling products in exchange for employee income, shareholders' income and the cost of expanding reproduction. However, whether companies can stand on their feet, whether they can make mo

Joining "Kati" brand international popular franchise model

Kati clothing located in China's women's brand base and clothing production town - Dongguan. Is a professional management of domestic and foreign brands discount women's discount sales clothing products to Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shang

Bonny brand underwear pursuit of pure health life advocate

They are contemporary elite women who are confident bonny women. They are worth 25-35 years of age, the golden age of life, experienced grinding Sentimental, carved brilliant. They are enjoying the best of life in perfect conditions.