Rongrong Yarn, Centennial Classic: Only the best yarn in the world

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When we talk about Italy, we will think of Bvlgari, a century-old, and Armani, an avant-garde favorite, and world-famous luxury brands such as PRADA, Gucci, and Fendi. Their rigorous quality is timeless. The design exudes a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere, making it a sacred place for the world's fashion kingdom.

Art is the soul of luxury goods. High-taste crowds are no longer content with the inherent brand awareness, but gradually deep into exploring the stories behind the luxury brand, behind the design, behind the raw materials ... ...

At the moment, Zhong Rong’s wool yarns gradually opened her beautiful and mysterious veil...

Biella, a beautiful small town in northern Italy, was famous for its textile industry in the early 19th century AD. In the Italian textile and clothing production system, this picturesque and picturesque town is associated with big names such as Dior, Ferre, Armani and D&G. Inextricably linked, here is a specific area for custom-made fabrics for these top ready-to-wear brands. Well-known fashion designers all over the world must come here every year to find and purchase for their inspiration and design.

Only do the best wool:

The Zhongrong Yarn provided by Zhongrong VIP Shopping Center has been positioned as the only idea of ​​the best yarn in the world. Zhongrong Yarn products are all manufactured by Biella's main spinning mills in accordance with Zhongrong's more than 10 years of experience in industry tasting and 39 The professional processing process is inspired by the creative ideas of hundreds of Italian and German yarn masters.

Raw materials are selected from Australian Merino wool (also known as Superfine Merino wool, 19-19.50 micron diameter, and the original wool selected by Zhongrong is 19 micron EXTRAFINE MERINO wool), using the most advanced Italian Basolan technology , The international top line products specially manufactured by the tops manufacturing, spinning and dyeing and finishing processes.

The sweater made from ultra-fine Merino wool has excellent thermal absorption and moisture absorption function. It not only has good elasticity, but also has moderate and flexible tension, and the handle is very soft and delicate, wearing warm and comfortable personally, and it can reflect the luxurious temperament. The Rongrong Yarn undergoes a special shrink-proof treatment and can be hand-washed. After washing, it does not affect the natural characteristics and advantages of the wool. The care is simple, and the good appearance and quality will remain unchanged.

Due to the traditional forgings of Italian doors, the deterrence of the major luxury brands gave them a strong Italian style and refined character. It was thought that Da Vinci, The masterpieces that Raphael and Michelangelo made with genius, professionalism and dedication.

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