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[China Glass Network] Every company is in the process of producing and selling products in exchange for employee income, shareholders' income and the cost of expanding reproduction. However, whether companies can stand on their feet, whether they can make money, whether they can grow stronger and longer, is not so simple. This requires the boss to have a mind, a pattern, and a correct sales value.

The boss must realize that the survival of the company is first to find customers. In the process of sales, enterprises often like to use the way of sweeping the streets. They both hunt for customers and fish from Jiang Taigong. The result is not good. The reason is that they don’t know who their customers are, who is interested in my products, who give me money. As a result, many valuable customers around us have been neglected, and customers at their fingertips have been lost. In fact, as long as we pay attention to it, we will find that all companies that do well in sales will have their own fixed customer groups, and these groups are obtained through special methods, such as through seminars, presentations, In the form of exhibitions and other forms, you have to have a pair of eye-catching people who have great interest in your products and who may be your potential customers. When you have this awareness, you will take the initiative to track or properly ground a hook or bait so that they can't run if they know it. It takes effort to track.

The boss is the chief commander of the company. In many cases, he is the big salesman of the company. At this time, he generally has a good personal performance. But the boss is the boss, a hero needs three gangs, the sales staff is the boss's larger helper, the boss is obliged to teach the sales staff how to see the machine, the situation, and then to enter the shackles, this is the premise guarantee for the company to win.

The boss must be aware that corporate sales are often in the sales culture. There are a lot of homogenized products now. Maybe any company has homogenized competitors. Why do customers buy your products instead of buying competitors? The difference is in corporate culture. If your product gives customers an advanced mission and responsibility, the customer may be more interested in your product. In the past, when Mengniu was weak, he competed with Yili in the student's milk and won. It is because of a slogan "One cup of milk per person per day, strong Chinese middle school students", which represents mission and responsibility, is cultural competition. Many companies not only have their own advanced cultural concepts, but also help customers to establish their cultural ideas in the process of sales, which is better than simply selling products, which can help the company achieve a decisive victory.

The boss must be aware that the product that the company sells is a kind of thing, but the sales process is the sales value. Only when the boss knows which type of person his/her customer is and where he or she will know what kind of products, values ​​and services are offered to customers. BMW and Mercedes are both cars. What is the difference between them and Honda? The former wants the symbol of identity, the symbol of taste, is the rich, if you are serving the rich, they are sold to them BMW or Mercedes-Benz, the latter is an affordable and tasteful middle class, want It is energy saving and low consumption. Even if BMW and Mercedes-Benz are different, BMW is mainly for people who enjoy the car. Because of its spaciousness and comfort, Mercedes-Benz enjoys the car, because the interior is luxurious and compact, and the space is smaller than BMW. These differences are the value of the product. The so-called "sitting BMW to drive Mercedes-Benz" reveals the mystery of this value. Therefore, it is also selling cars and selling products, but different customers need different values. For example, if you sell environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products, you should have different value orientations for different customers. Suppose you are selling to government agencies. What they need is the concept. It is a real environmental protection and energy conservation propaganda. They don't consider the cost. They only consider the influential political achievements. The publicity and energy conservation can help them to communicate with their superiors. This value is very good. However, if you sell it to a general end-user, even if it is the same product, the slogan will change, and you can no longer focus on environmental protection and energy conservation. Because environmental protection and energy saving means high cost operation, the end customer cares about Low consumption and low cost, don't care whether it is environmental protection, but should design products and publicize products from the perspective of customer needs. This is the difference in value.

The boss must be aware that sales are doing advance service.

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