New York Christie's Will Shoot Spiderman Sculpture

New York Christie's Will Shoot Spiderman Sculpture Undoubtedly, Christie's was not so good this week. The impressionism and modern art events on Tuesday brought a hailstorm to the global art market. Positive mood of optimism began to cool, and Christie's became cautious. In order to warm up the next post-war contemporary art, Christie's has placed the big spider of Louise Bourgeois at the headquarters of Rockefeller Center. It seems that it is not enough to steal the spotlight. Christie’s deliberately brought the famous Spiderman to the giant. Under the sculpture of the spider, it was chilling and the people rushed to take photos. A middle-aged lady said that she rushed into the crowd in order to make a fun photo for her son.

The spider is a representative image of the famous female artist Louise Bourgeois. In the metaphor of the artist, she represents her mother. The spider is agile, symbolizes protection, and even has a friendly name “Mom”. According to Christie’s director of post-war contemporary art, Laura Paulson, Luis’s spider sculpture originated from the private collection of Napa Lake, the only “three spiders” left in private hands in the world. One of the sculptures.

Laura also said: "This valuation is very conservative, only 4-6 million US dollars. This price is only slightly higher than other sculptures of much smaller size than this piece of work, it is estimated that it will be very popular." It is reported that in 2008 5 In July, a sculpture of a four-foot-tall spider was sold for $4.5 million in Christie's Paris in 2003, and another sculpture of 19-inch height was sold at Sotheby’s Contemporary Art in New York last year. Ten thousand dollars, far higher than the 60-80 million dollar valuation.

As to whether Christie's confidence crisis can be saved or not, whether this absurd and absurd ridiculous story can create a new record for Bourgeois' work, the answer will continue to be announced in the New York auction season.

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