zcxian Zheng Chu Xian brand women to provide metropolitan women mix and match the experimental fun

Born in Paris, France boutique fashion womenswear brand zcxian, entered the Chinese market in 2009, a few years with a distinctive innovative ideas, unique personality design and tailoring quickly become a high-profile mainstream fashion brand. Good at natural materials, introverted Tailoring and unique details of the interpretation of the genre and slightly feminine modern French style, through the nostalgia and contemporary, passionate creativity will be the art and fashion associated with the visual arts, pop art, couture, legislation Deconstruction in the search for all creative inspiration. Full range of products, both from the fur clothing and accessories are very rich and diverse, for the pursuit of perfection and unscrupulous metropolitan women provided a mix of experimental fun.


Cheng Chu Xian women's clothing display

Brand Style

Original personality / original style

We continue to look for all the creative inspiration in the classic legends of the past years, creating a new trend with keen sense of touch. In this trendy and changeable, creative extraordinary era, fashion is not only a fashion code, more is the embodiment of personality. zcxian advocating personalized expression. With innovative attitude continue to explore creative, full of experimental fun to provide a wide range of choices, and create a personalized trend style.

zcxian郑楚娴品牌女装   为大都会女性提供混搭的实验乐趣

Cheng Chu Xian women's clothing display

Modern neutral / contemp0rary? Neutral

In this iconic personality generation, self-confidence, power, uninhibited seems to be more and more modern women's code of conduct, adding masculine men's clothing and tailoring, become a must-have style, modern neutral beauty in carelessly establish A sense of strength.

zcxian郑楚娴品牌女装   为大都会女性提供混搭的实验乐趣

Zheng Chu Xian women's image store display

Break the established / off boundary

In the concept of zcxian, there are new ideas, surprises, do not follow the direction of thinking and pretending to be reduced to fashion. Break the established theory of fashion, with abstract thinking, with unbalanced visual practices, beyond the conventional contrast and proportions, bold and innovative collision color ... to create a new fashion Aspect and the unusual style of dress, interpretation of zcxian unique style of

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