Bosideng: Forging ahead with the world

Bosideng takes care of both interior and exterior and is determined to create an evergreen tree in the apparel industry. Since 2007, it has unveiled the curtain for the transformation and development of the brand's four seasons:

Urban fashion women's favorite, Jiangnan people brand women

Jiangnan people brand discount women to join , designed for fashion, elegant taste of 20 to 45-year-old modern urban women and create, Jiangnan people as the first women's discount brand women, from peculiar, beloved to pure, vivid, from the complex Think of th

China Shaolan first brand Mula round female beautiful dreams

MULA is Korea's Mora (Hong Kong) International Limited Shaosu brand, in 2008 on the Chinese mainland market research and brand pre-planning, in 2009 and Hangzhou Wei card clothing reached a strategic cooperation, authorized its agent in mainland China market Pr

US famous knitwear brand TSE autumn and winter series of new preview

September 25, 2012, the famous American knitwear brand TSE in Shanghai M1NT Bar held a special autumn and winter series of new preview. On the day of the event, the model showcased the first series of Haute Couture and the TSE Autumn / Winter 2012 series released by TSE in China. The fashion s

Why Jade is posing as a stone

Why Jade is posing as a stone As a genuine jade, Saitama often made a facelift and posing as a stone. This behavior is truly surprising. After a bit of investigation, we can discover the my

Doll clothes girls lingerie "Like all the love of mum like"

As we all know, girls just developed breasts, girls heart is shy and worried, then, mothers should give the daughter the right to guide the choice of girls underwear to consider the special period of her daughter, special age needs. First, the choice of girls under

VOINGE brand women to create workplace dress new ideas

In 2004, we established the fashion brand " VOINGE ". After two years of "Fit people" efforts, the market network covers the southwest, northwest, south China, northeast, north China and other regions, for every one likes fashion taste, the purs

Flat-bottomed fur boots touch warm in cold winter days

Ben Wang reported on October 18, footwear as an indispensable mix of single product has long been a favorite of many fashion people, a variety of novel fashion styles and designs make shoes become a beautiful landscape. This landscape also extends to the snow boots, a vari

09j8 brand ladies Japanese lady wind in the end

Shanghai Oia Fashion Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's branch in mainland China than its group, responsible for all the brand's business in mainland China. In 2008 the company introduced 09j8 women's brand . 09j8 women's brand was born in Taipei in 1998, the pe