Wind flag women interpret women's style with simple and romantic

In the early nineties of last century, Fengqi Garments Co., Ltd. took the lead in introducing advanced foreign information and professional design team from Hong Kong to establish Womenswear brand -WindFlag (Chinese name "Fengqi"). Since the brand was fou

Crystal crafts maintenance and cleaning

The crystal crafts in life are everywhere, and are fashionable items that decorate modern life and improve the quality of life. Crystal crafts should pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. The following points should be noted during maintenance and clea

You should wear a few CM high heels

Cathy Kerry, a professor of physical therapy and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School in the United States, pointed out in a British medical journal a few days ago that the test showed that the knee joints under the thin heeled shoes had a stress index of 26, and 22 when wearing heeled