The biggest feature of sapphire

Sapphire and ruby ​​are sister gems. They are all corundum minerals. They are the hardest natural minerals on earth except diamonds. The basic chemical composition is alumina. In addition to the star effect, only translucent or transparent and colorfu

He Jie wedding debut to attend bread n butter clothing conference

September 14, bread n butter clothing brand new conference was held. Christy Chung, He Jie, Stephy Tang and many other stars to help out. He Jie, started immediately after marriage, said frankly that he and her husband had completed the honeymoon before marriage. C

Winter coat wardrobe essential Sophia ladies Fun color splicing

Simplicity lines, fit tailoring, for white-collar workers and executives to provide their own identity dress is Sophie women 's design has always been adhering to the concept of the most popular brands and collections of fabrics, designed to adapt to fashionabl

Knitwear Cleverly Fitted Skirt

Ben Wang September 11 hearing, autumn dress is not over time, any material umbrella skirt, bag hip skirt, ride simple sweater, is the best choice for the stars fall and fall mix. Come and see the changing style of knitwear and skirts that the stars perform!

How knit shirt with hollow knit

Knitwear soft texture, good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and greater extensibility and flexibility, comfortable to wear. And the changing styles, in addition to sexy hollow knit shirt, elegant sweater jacket, sweater style there are many. Knitwear is the w

Agate: Finest Materials in Handicrafts

Agate: Finest Materials in Craftwork Agate is a colloidal mineral. In mineralogy, it belongs to the class of chalcedony. Since ancient times, agate has been welcomed by people. One of the a