5 details to pay attention to when buying jewelry

1. The claws should fit snugly to the gemstone. If there is a gap, the gemstone is easy to fall off, and on the other hand, the claw becomes a "barb", which is easy to scratch the skin and clothing when worn. The rap will be handled smoothly, and the hand

Winter fur jacket mix and match show full gas field

On January 25 this site , the temperature dropped sharply these days, it is time to put out the fur jacket, do not wear the kind of exaggerated fur coat, a simple fur vest, short jacket, or cap Along the fur-decorated clothing can be a very feminine expression of feminine.

Kitchen fume is heavier than outdoor pollution

Core Tip: To save fuel, one pot of oil is used repeatedly; to save electricity, you can't open the range hood without knowing it... I don't know, saving money but wasting my life. Recently, a study published in "Indoor and Built Environment" showed that when cooking, the p

China's brand women's development trend

China's brand women's development trend With the continuous development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of people’s income levels, women are pursuing bea

Appreciation and evaluation of jade

The improvement of people's material living standards, the high-grade jade articles played by the aristocrats of the past, gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. China's jade culture is part of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Jade is a

Heifel brand women's luxury fur brings you fatal attraction

Luxurious artwork - Heephy Ladies , was born in the fashion capital of Milan, the brand respected luxury fashion art, strongly create a modern aristocratic atmosphere, specifically for those stylish, tasteful, quality-oriented success of women to provide To attend

Omega Canteen Children's Wear Spring Festival holiday schedule

Dear agents, franchisees: The company decided to study, the Spring Festival holiday time in 2013: February 4 - February 16, February 17 formally to work, please partners do related replenishment and matters arrangements, especially Notice! And I wish everyone all the best in the new year with