Omega Canteen Children's Wear Spring Festival holiday schedule

Dear agents, franchisees: The company decided to study, the Spring Festival holiday time in 2013: February 4 - February 16, February 17 formally to work, please partners do related replenishment and matters arrangements, especially Notice! And I wish everyone all the best in the new year with prosperous business! Dongguan Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, all from Humen, a production of skirts and small princess supplies workshop, from the very beginning committed to the pursuit of perfection. After fruit people 13 years of joint efforts to have a fruit company. The company has two children's wear brand members: "fruit" (girl series), "Omemei" (fashion children's clothing). The fruttakids fruit, a children's apparel brand insisting on the inspiration of travel culture, was born in 1999 with the mission of "Traveling is Life", "Fruit Princess's Travel Culture", "The Fruit's Temptation" and "Delivering Angel Aesthetics" And other concepts; and "Omegame" (fashion children's clothing) brand in 2012 the birth of the industry have opened up a unique new direction within the industry, a unique brand culture and heritage of the logo. While respecting the characteristics of each brand and the strategic positioning of the market, the fruit company relies on international quality research and development, production centers and outstanding creative talent teams to provide strong infrastructure and resource sharing support. It also receives the support from the industry and small and medium- Favorite and sought after! We firmly believe that the fruits of the fruit come from every colleague and their hands. Our greatest glory comes from those who can make their faces glitzy. This fruitful spirit has been with us since the birth of the company in 1999. It passed year after year, from the elders to young people, from those who have worked and still are working in the fruit to those who are about to be Fruit working people. If you choose fruits, you will grow together and share the company's values ​​in the fruits: loyalty, cooperation, learning, sharing, listening, communication, trust, innovation, gratitude, dedication! Here, every one of your dreams can become a shining light. Welcome to join the fruit business, open up new bright life!

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