Clothes, sweety shadow fashion women love the early spring color temptation

Chill is still shrouded in the earth, but colorful ANGEL has long been unable to bear, excitedly decorated with the primer of the early spring, the rainbow version of the color also brings full vitality to the dress vitality, let us involuntary spirits ! Yi Xiang Li Ying Fashion Women's early spring new products, bring the temptation of spring color.


Chiffon shirt is still the spring 2013 fashion industry will be the most dazzling star, very British sense of tune tailored minimalist writers, there are complicated to simple, exorcising, refining the most classic highlights of the best, wild Slim Profile, unique design of the front, make the upper body fresh and refined, like the bright woman walking out of British classical literature, quiet and elegant, independent and confident in one. Bright red, classic wild, eye-catching fashion.

衣香丽影时尚女装 热恋早春色彩诱惑

Designers from the British fashion show inspiration, and with the modern style of modern combine to create both visual impact and content of the stylish single product, thin and elegant fabrics as the carrier, the rational use of classic double-breasted, additional Front, personalized badges and armbands and other fashionable elements, to create a spring practical and trendy temperament coat, bright yellow light vision.

衣香丽影时尚女装 热恋早春色彩诱惑

Bright colors continue to swept the fashion circle this quarter, Slim small suit swept the old fashioned and dull, tough cut, the perfect show of women's self-confidence, exquisite color contrast neckline design makes the overall outline light and lively. Classic double-breasted front placket has always been much loved by designers, the British Modern full sense of both handsome and elegant. Fresh and bright colors, the perfect version of the new urban women's elegant style perfect show.

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