Gaoqing County won the title of high quality textile and garment base

Gaoqing County won the title of high quality textile and garment base Recently, the Shandong Provincial Quality Province Work Leading Group commended the establishment of a high-quality product manufacturing base in Shandong Province in 2012 and a dragon skull enterprise. Gaoqing County was awarded the title of “Shandong Province High-quality Textile and Apparel Production Base” by the provincial government. This is the first in Gaoqing County. The provincial-level quality product production base is also one of the two provincial-level quality product production bases in Zibo City in 2012. Among them, Shandong Lanjun Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Liuyun Textile Co., Ltd. were awarded the title of “Dragon Skull Enterprises of Shandong Province for the Production of Quality Products” in 2012.

In recent years, with the assistance of the provincial and municipal quality supervision departments, Gaoqing County has successively introduced the corresponding incentive policies for the introduction of brand-name, standardization, and high-level talents, providing enterprises with talented people and creating enthusiasm. Guide and assist SMEs in improving basic quality management such as quality management, quality assurance systems and standards systems, and further improve technical content and product quality, and cultivate a batch of dragon skull enterprises to create brand names and seize standard highlands.

The successful establishment of this base fills the blank of high-quality provincial-level high-quality product production bases. In order to further optimize the structure of the textile and apparel industry and speed up the transformation and upgrading, a ten billion yuan industrial chain from spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing to garments is formed. Created conditions, textile and garment enterprises in Gaoqing County have also entered a new period of development opportunities.

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