5 details to pay attention to when buying jewelry

1. The claws should fit snugly to the gemstone. If there is a gap, the gemstone is easy to fall off, and on the other hand, the claw becomes a "barb", which is easy to scratch the skin and clothing when worn. The rap will be handled smoothly, and the hand will be touched without a thorn. The claw tip looks like a bright little ball, which is both beautiful and prevents the claw tip from hurting people.

2. Is the gem previously flat? Pick up the European view from the side, whether the table top or waist line of the gemstone is parallel to the horizontal plane of the jewelry.

3. Whether the gems are damaged by the inlay. The inlay is that the gemstone may be damaged due to excessive force, and the magnifying glass may be used to check whether the diamond inlay is cracked.

4. The metal edging of the inlaid jewellery is uniform in thickness and consistent in height and height. Requires a smooth and smooth, no dents, no gaps, and close to the gemstone.

5. If it is a group-inlaid style, you should pay attention to whether the gems are arranged neatly and whether the table top is smooth and smooth.

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