Appreciation and evaluation of jade

The improvement of people's material living standards, the high-grade jade articles played by the aristocrats of the past, gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. China's jade culture is part of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. Jade is a symbol of good fortune, escaping evil spirits, and symbolizing fortune, and has always been loved by people. But people often lack the appreciation knowledge. What they often buy at a high price is a jadeite with a low collection value, or even a counterfeit fake. How to choose the jade that can be collected? We briefly introduce how to choose a quality jadeite that is worth collecting.

Jade, also known as jade jade, jade, jade, Burmese jade, is a kind of jade, the color is called emerald green, red, yellow called. It is a jade-like polycrystalline aggregate formed mainly of jade, omphacite and sodium chromite during the geological process. Hardness: 6.5-7, relative density: 3.30 - 3.36, usually 3.33, refractive index: 1.65 - 1.67.

The assessment of jade can be divided into quality assessment and value assessment, and value assessment is based on quality assessment. The price of jadeite refers to the sensitive reflection of the scarcity of jadeite in the competitive market economy, and the degree of recognition of the value of jadeite in society. In layman's terms, the total amount of money that buyers and sellers agree to pay and accept during the market transaction process. The price reflects the recognition of the value of the commodity by specific buyers and buyers under certain conditions.

The value of jade is an economic concept, which is about the relationship between the jade trade and the amount of money between the buyers and sellers. It is a kind of social identity and a consensus view of people's reasonable prices for jade. There are people's needs, interests and the role and significance of their development and change.

For jade jewelry, such as the ring face, the shape is full and generous, the thickness is moderate, and the setting is good. For a green bracelet, the circle should be thick and not cracked. Even the white cotton or black silk inside the above two accessories will affect its price. For the valuation of ornaments and sculptures, we should first consider whether the raw materials are good or bad, and then consider whether the work has connotation and new ideas. It is the full value of the value of jadeite materials, plus workmanship. The artistic value can be high or low. The work of general celebrity works, new and odd works is very valuable. All green and transparent, no cracks and no cotton, and new workmanship, its art and raw material value are very high. For example, on May 30, 1997, Beijing Pacific Auction Company produced an all-green “Jade Treasure God”, which sold at a reserve price of 7.6 million, creating the highest record of domestic jade auctions.

Jewelry evaluation is the bridge between the jewelry market and jewelry research, and is the most complex discipline in the field of gemstone research. It is very difficult to master the evaluation of jade, especially the evaluation of jade. China's jade jewelry evaluation talents are very scarce, mainly because the assessors only have theoretical knowledge and lack practical experience, especially the ability to understand the gemstone market is very lacking. Jade jewelry evaluators must not only have solid knowledge of gemstones, assessment knowledge and jewelry marketing experience, but must also grasp the market's latest market conditions, integrity and so on. There are too few assessment experts with the ability, strategy, experience and knowledge to know!

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