Heifel brand women's luxury fur brings you fatal attraction

Luxurious artwork - Heephy Ladies , was born in the fashion capital of Milan, the brand respected luxury fashion art, strongly create a modern aristocratic atmosphere, specifically for those stylish, tasteful, quality-oriented success of women to provide To attend public occasions, senior Party's clothing and accessories, but also bring them beyond the spirit of clothing experience Oh.


Luxurious fur people can not help but think of the palace of the rich and powerful, black and white plush moment with a strong appeal, waist girdle to create the perfect ratio, the embodiment of supermodel.

希菲尔品牌女装 奢华皮草带给你致命吸引力

Fur is the season can not be missing or a single product, high-end coat exudes light, full of wild, with knee-length boots is a good choice Oh. In addition, you can not ignore the role of accessories, small gold handbags can play a very important role miles.

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