Congratulations Hunan Yiyang Cade QIZI Qi seed new store grand opening

The fruitful fall, filled with joy of harvest everywhere, and QIZI Qi Ye this year is also a bumper harvest. September 22, QI seed uphold the better service to consumers in general, happily welcomed the Yiyang Yang Kai QIZI Qizi Qizhi shop grand opening! Here, cong

A week's workplace with these five sets of equipment is enough

As a workplace white-collar workers, every day hope to be able to wear the United States and the United States, glitzy in the office, but do not want to own clothes are the same kind of wardrobe, only to wear repeated clothes every day.

Autumn wide-leg pants with wide-leg pants how to go with the shirt

Maybe every season we will look at some of the stars dress up, and some of them out the streets is also very common, you can learn, but usually their own wear will not take this form Oh, may seize a certain style, such as the classic Shirt, wide leg pants and other

Fushen 2016 spring and summer new orders will be concluded

On Sept. 18, the fantastic natural scenery of Luofu Mountain and the thrilling aerial tramway were enjoyed. During the happy and peaceful appreciation dinner, the three-day Fushen Spring-Summer 2016 new order fair ended in success. The Fushen spring and summer 2016 new orders will be Huizhou W

Development of high voltage DC power cable

HVDC transmission has many advantages, such as line cost paper, low line loss, no reactive power, convenient power connection, easy control and regulation, especially in long-distance transmission. In the 1980s, China has built a 500kV DC transmission line from Gezhouba to Shanghai, and rec

Background color 2015 new products limited edition

Dins background An original design brand, background products coupled with hemp, cotton, bold sense of science and technology before, to be grinding, scratching, waxing the old, vandalism and other processes for women to create more high-quality clothing.

What are the benefits of wearing a gold necklace?

If you pay attention to the trend, if you are looking forward to fashion, then you will observe a very common phenomenon in real life, that is, many wealthy ladies, commercial white-collar workers often wear gold necklaces. Are you curious: Why do people who have s