2012 China International Silk Expo Press Conference held in Beijing

On the 31st of the month, the press conference of the 2012 China International Silk Expo and the China International Silk Women's Wear Fair was held at the Beijing Hotel. The expo will be held from September 21 to 24, 2012 in Hangzhou Peace International E

Hungarian footwear sales "hot"

In Hungary, about 80% of products are exported to developed countries, of which 75% of products are sold to EU countries, which provides a “broad road” for Chinese goods to open the door to the European market. However, jumping out of the scope of

Choosing cotton and linen curtains to prevent formaldehyde damage

Formaldehyde is extremely harmful to people's health and is called a free "killer." If the skin is exposed to formaldehyde, it can cause an allergic reaction and itching; if it is directly stimulated to the eyes, it may cause inflammation and tears. Breathing air containin

FEXATA Women Shine CHIC2012 French Romantic Experience

FEXATA Women's Brand Introduction:

Everyone has a Seine in mind. She divides our heart into two sides: the left bank is soft and the right bank is cold; the left bank is sensible and the right bank is rational; the left bank is craving our des

New cotton storage and storage price increase 600 yuan per ton

Approved by the State Council, the eight departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Railways, the General Admi

Peach blossom underwear to create the perfect oriental beauty image

In line with the principle of caring for women, the founder of the peach blossom underwear brand advocates the concept of healthy sunshine, selects materials, and complies with the national testing standards. The products are based on the "Chinese style"