Korean Fashion: Pointing at Motion

Leading Word: South Korea is a fashionable gathering place. Korean teenagers love sports, especially dance-style fashion sports. Due to long-term sports, they like casual dresses rather than fashion. Here, let Xiao Bian reveal the

Experience the underwear athena care pure love

Hong Kong experience underwear brand outlines a romantic sexy taste of life. Experience advocating nature, fashion intellectual style, for the mature taste of women to create that elegant, gentle, and confident and brave to create a colorful life leisurely charm. <

It girl's It bag

Leading Word: As far as a woman is concerned, a branded handbag may be of equal importance to a good boyfriend. She leans in between her arms and arms, immediately has an identity, has the capital to show off, and of course has co

Make fashion princess Ya Gemei Dai women

Ya Geme Dai "brings together the best of nearly 2000 domestic outstanding brand women's wear in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Beijing and other places, taking advantage of the geographical difference and time difference of the clothing sales market in mainla

Baoyi printing and dyeing sports casual fabric favored

Shishi Bao Yi Weaving and Dyeing Co., Ltd. increased the research and development of casual sports fabrics, and constantly introduced to the market functional sportswear fabrics, sportswear and apparel companies at home and abroad by the welcome. At present, the company's innovative fabric

Viktor & Rolf Women's 2011 Early Spring Vacation Series

Among Viktor & Rolf women's wear, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren like various concepts. They are not the only ones who used the style of the 40s in this quarter. In this early spring vacation series, men's symbolic clo

TITI Fashion Makeup Advocates color match boundless charm

Shenzhen Ginza Fashion Co., Ltd. has been committed to the United States fashion brand "TITI" well-run, is the design, production and sales, as one of the major fashion business, which was founded in 1998, has been elegant and noble, sexy fashion , Dynamic personality, "the desi

Ubiquitous temperament bow

This site on August 5 hearing, the streets, it seems that every MM has a bow, from clothes, jewelry to printing, you can really sigh everywhere in the bow ah!