China's baby toys and gifts market is gradually increasing

Under the ever-rising price environment, the parents’ budgets for their children and their children have never been reduced, and the sales of toys and clothing are still very prosperous. This makes more and more businesses focus on this particular market for children's products. The baby gifts market with high-end characteristics is increasingly welcomed by consumers. Whether it is for personal use or gifts, baby gifts can be used.

Xiao Ying, who works in a public institution, recently bought a baby gift for a cousin who had just given birth to her baby. "My cousin gave birth to a daughter. Originally, I also thought about what to buy and give to the baby. Later, I went to the supermarket's baby area and I saw a lot of baby products including gift sets, bottle sets, and toys. The suit, baby skin care Set, etc., I see dazzling, there is a little put it down feeling. After a careful selection, I bought a baby skin care set to give the baby, the cousin received a very happy.” Indeed, Like Xiao Ying, the baby gifts market is growing from the beginning without any idea to the last resort. The baby gifts market is also getting more and more popular with consumers. Industry insider Mr. Cai said: “The consumers want to show how special their gifts are, so the baby gifts market is growing.” Survey data show that gift gifts are an important reason for consumers to buy high-end baby gifts. The baby gifts market is becoming more and more popular, which also makes the baby products market show a diversified development trend.

In addition, in order to give children more superiority to their peers and to show off their own needs, some parents have also spurred the baby gifts market. "My little daughter is a year and a half. From birth to now, I go to Hong Kong every month to buy her milk powder, food, toys and clothes. I will also buy complementary food and clothing when I go abroad." Ms. Li is a Not young mothers, however, represent the thinking of the mothers who want to give her the best. In the present society, mothers like Ms. Li are not uncommon. Starting from infants and young children, they strive to purchase the best food, clothing, toys or school supplies for their children, hoping that their children will not “lose at the starting line”. Therefore, whether it is for personal use or giving away, beautiful baby gift set is always applauded.

According to Mr. Cai, many parents use the characteristics of holiday promotions and discounts to add new clothes to their children or to give gifts to relatives and friends. Therefore, baby gift sets, especially well-known brand gift sets, have sold very well recently. In fact, the baby gifts market is mainly concerned with high-end consumers, and the impact on China's current overall children market is still limited. Mr. Cai believes that the gradual growth of baby gifts market will make the competition in China's children's consumer market increasingly fierce, and China's current consumption status has shifted from the "quantity consumption" phase to the "brand consumption" phase. Those who work rough, design plagiarism , lack of brand personality of the goods, its market share will accelerate shrinking, the higher the brand value of the company will have greater market potential.

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