How does the "ChuBang family" frequency clothing company combine physical + online stores?

Run the store first, and then sneak down the number of the product after valuing the brand or model. Then “kill back” the online authentic discount store to shoot the “baby” at the price lower than the brand store. This is the "testing family" and the "censor family." There are a lot of "testing families", especially among young people. In the face of a growing “testing family”, physical stores are inevitably impacted. The most obvious phenomenon that makes them feel is: "More and more people are starting to try clothes instead of buying them."

Some physical stores face the impact of online shopping, has begun to try a "unified" route: in the opening of the store, but also online to register their own online shop. However, how to use a combination of physical stores and online stores? This puts new demands on the shopkeeper.

The first is that there is a difference between the physical store and the clothing store's sales target in the field shop or according to the customer's needs, and the product's positioning must also conform to the surrounding consumer's habits. There is a greater range of product choices for online sales. The physical store's products are more seasonal than the online store. The products displayed on the network are only photos of the products and do not need much space. The physical store, due to the limited space for storage and display, can choose to Seasonal merchandise is sold at low prices.

Second, there is a stronger seasonality in the differences between physical stores. Follow the seasonal changes into different goods. Many clothing stores hang seasonal styles and are the best-selling styles. Apparel online clothing is slower in seasonality. In addition, if the online store and the physical store have the same paragraph of clothing, you can carry out the difference between the price, but also the same price.

Third, the service attitude is different from that of the apparel online shop. It is because of the mutual evaluation function after the sale. The physical store service is more casual. Many clothing stores do not care about arguing with customers. However, clothing online shop sales must avoid such a situation.

Fourth, personnel matching is in place. If only one owner is alone, it is difficult to support the operation of physical stores and online stores. Apparel shop basically lasts from 8am to 12pm. Need someone to take care of clothing online shop. Only in this way can the business of both physical stores and online stores benefit.

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