Clothing terms - Testing

Testing 1 Abrasion testing machine Abrasion machine アブレージヨンマシン2 Fabric density mirror Cloth counter クロスカウンタグラス3 Cloth inspecting machine 反検4 Fabric thickness tester Compressometer コングレッソメーター5 Wear resistance tester Crock Meter クロックメーター 6 denier measuring instrument Denieromter デニーロメーター7 Densometer fabric denimometer (おりものつとけ)
8 Fastness Tester Fadeometer フエイドメーター 9 Abrasive Absorbency まもろ10 Dry Dry Dry (かんそう)
11 Absorbency Absorbency Absorbency 12 Breathability Air permeability エアバーミアビリテイ13 Appearance Appesrance アピアランス14 Rupture Strength Bursting strength Rupture Strength (はれつつよさ)
15 Count Count 糸 手 (いとばんて)
16 Cohesion Cohesion Cohesion (い)
17 Color fastness Color Fastness 18 Fastness to rubbing Color fastness to crocking Rubbing fastness 19 Washing fastness Color fastnee to washing せんたく Fastness 20 Heat fastness to hot pressing ボットブレッシング Fastness 21 Fastness to light Color fastness to light Fastness to light 22 Fastness to sweat Color fastness to perspiration Perspiration fastness 23 Dry cleaning fastness Fastness 24 Fastness to seawater Color fastness to sea water Degree 25 Weather fastness Color fastness to weathering リングーリング Fastness 26 Structure Construction Organization (そしき)
27 Creased Crease おりじわ28 Denier Demier デニール29 Density Density (みつど)
30 Elasticity エアスチック31 Shrinkage Shrinkage Shrinkage (しゅうしゅくりつ)
32 Stiffness St33 Feeling Hand feeling ハンドフィーニング34 Tensile Tensile ちょうりょく35 Fire resistance Fire resistance 耐火性(たいかせい)
36 Combustibility Flammability Flammability 37 Grading Grading Plassis 38 Standard Standard ひょうじゅん39 Softness Softness じゅうなんど40 Moisture regain Moisture regain Moisture rate 41 Tear strength Tear strength strength 42 Tensile strength Tensile strength 条 43 Striated Barryバーリー44 Weft Bias filling よこななめ45 Cracked edge Broken selvedge Ear collapsed 46 Scratch mark Chafe mark チェーフマーク 47 Edge Double selvedge ダベルセルベージ48 Spot Dye fleck Stain Spot 49 Color difference Ending エンジング50 Crossing Filling bar 织り断51 洞洞Hole point injury (あなきず)
52 Pilling ピリング53 Raising defect Raising defect
54 Hooked wire Snag スナック55 Dyeing unevenness Uneven dyeing アンイーブンダイイング56 光不不 Un Uneven luster つやむら57 经花 经 Wale streak 縦筋(たてすじ)
58 water stain Water mark ウオーターまーク59 移染 Migration 移り(いろうつり)
60 Weight Weight Weight (じゅりょう)
61 Composition Composition (せいぶん)
62 Width widths (はば)

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