The traditional holiday gift toy melee curtain gradually pulled

The Mid-Autumn National Day is approaching, and many toy factories have also forgotten to seize hot selling opportunities and produce toy goods that meet the festive atmosphere.

On various anniversaries, Chinese traditional festivals and international festivals, the demand for various gifts has increased year by year, and the gift market has grown bigger and more prosperous. Many toy manufacturers who originally only made orders for foreign orders went through the domestic market after experiencing the financial crisis and closely watched the gifts and premium markets of traditional festivals.

Traditional festivals become new business opportunities in foreign countries, the peak season for toy sales is Christmas, and many Chinese toy companies, mainly export-oriented, often prepare for Christmas orders in the first half of the year. According to previous years' data, the sales of American toys accounted for 65% of the whole year from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

After the financial crisis, some toy companies that originally made OEM products for foreign customers have fought in the domestic market, and traditional festivals that are popular among the people and have many years of cultural accumulation have become a new selling point that they have seized. In general, in China, Children's Day and Spring Festival are the peak season for toy sales. The toy company that created its own brand "Kids Doll" has introduced a spring-wool doll each year since the Spring Festival in 2004. The 2010 spring-wife is a Chinese-style beauty wearing a red cheongsam and classical beauty. doll.

Different from the way of children toys, Nanhai Haozhi did not directly promote their festive products in the market, but used cooperation with Other product manufacturers, such as the production of jelly, small food, coffee and other well-known manufacturers cooperation, to undertake its custom Chinese New Year gifts. “In the past, everyone was rushing to make Christmas orders. Now we think that traditional Chinese festivals are more worth exploring. There is plenty of potential for the toy industry in combination with folk culture.” said the person in charge of Ho Chi Toys.

Popular folk crafts are favored. In fact, more and more people have now realized that the “national brand” toys have brought about unlimited business opportunities. In particular, handmade folk crafts have received wide attention and favor in recent years. An 80-year-old girl in Guicheng Xiaopan loves all kinds of toys. After graduating from college, she didn't go to work, but she opened an online shop at home. The products are all kinds of toys that she personally produced. Because one person has limited power and the output is not high, Xiao Pan’s online shop can also bring thousands of pieces of her monthly income. "We have trained a lot of loyal customers, and even some online stores have placed orders for me. I am going to call a group of handmade toy lovers to do it together." Xiaopan full of confidence told the author, she will prepare after a little bigger Open a physical store and register your own trademark. "I'm thinking about the brand name!" Xiaopan said happily.

The author finds that in the business districts of South China Sea Plaza, Oriental Plaza, and Jiazhou Plaza, there are a lot of folk arts and crafts in the quite personalized checkered shops, such as tiger pillows that are popular among the people and similar to the “shadow”. Hanging ornaments and so on.

“At present, whether it is self-employed or large-scale toy manufacturers, it has taken a fancy to the trend of folk culture. This is a good thing. In the context of manual and personalized production and standardized production by enterprises, these toys and handicrafts are on the market. The circulation will contribute to the inheritance of traditional ethnic culture." Relevant experts said that under the situation where the toy industry's own brands are more difficult, folk culture may be a way to help them break through.


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