Swarovski 2010 casual winter map modern pursuit of the inner desire of the unfettered heart

Swarovski is a brand new and distinctive urban casual wear brand. She broke the traditional dress concept of casual wear, give casual wear a new design concept and style of dress, reflects the modern pursuit of self, open and avant-garde way of life, thus changing the inherent mode of traditional casual wear, casual wear deservedly Become a "fashion" concept of a major part. The emphasis on innovation in innovative casual clothes reflects the modern pursuit of freedom, the unconstrained way of life and the creation of a happy mood in the fast-paced, urban life with intense hustle and bustle. Let life be satisfied in the dress needs. Its slogan is "I am me." Hong Kong Skarin Fashion Group is a synchronization of the international fashion, leading the forefront of apparel consumption, to design and marketing of casual wear series jeans, bags and accessories based brand companies. Company products cover T-shirts, shirts, feather (clothing), jeans, jackets, and so on more than 20 series, has a strong research and development capabilities and well-established operation and management procedures. The company's high-Swiss brand, for advocating personality, the pursuit of fashion, pay attention to the quality and detail of things, pay attention to wearing a comfortable city Cenozoic. In 1998, the Swiss high-tech brand has entered the mainland market. To date, it has formulated detailed development strategy objectives and clarified the general idea of ​​building the core competitiveness of enterprises. In 2001, the company authorized Nanjing Si Rui Rui Garments Co., Ltd. for the domestic distributor. The company plans in the next few years, the market expansion will be more developed economy in East China, apparel consumer-oriented fashion-based cities. And firmly grasp the market opportunities, a solid foundation to accelerate the development of the final so that the Swiss high casualties of China's leader and well-known clothing brand.

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