Women 100 brand underwear Recruitment franchisees all over the vast market space

Women 100 Mainly engaged in bras, pajamas, mummy, warm clothing, body clothing, vests, men and women pants, swimwear, and so on, women 100 underwear brand company was established in 2011 in Shenzhen, has many years of underwear sales experience, As a well-known brand chain of Chinese underwear brand joined , women's 100 underwear now has more than 30 direct stores in the country, more than 200 successful franchise stores.


The face of the surging 2011 underwear market companies to long-term strategic vision set up headquarters in Shenzhen, 100 Women's Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for underwear brand marketing in the national market, the company joined the agency to develop the brand as a guide, Shenzhen feel the trend of the charm of the domestic underwear, underwear through 100 underwear in China: bra, underwear, home service, warm clothing, sleepwear, body clothing, mummy clothing, swimwear, etc., the market development of a thorough analysis of the trend to design a set of effective Home cooperation program, the company by virtue of advanced management mechanisms, have their own factories, gathered with rich practical experience in the line of outstanding planning, marketing, management personnel, the line has become a united and efficient brand operation and management agencies.

女人100品牌内衣 诚招各地加盟商挖掘广阔市场空间

The company can create a women's 100 underwear industry's first brand goals, create a brand new market space. Is that the month before joining 100 women underwear brand 100, then you can enjoy a strong new image 100 women listed, very awesome! Affiliate fee, renovation of containers, door light boxes, cash register management system 48,000 worth of entrepreneurial support. Not much chance, want to start a friend hurry!

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