What are the benefits of wearing silver and jade ornaments?

With the increasing variety of accessories, people from a variety of styles, styles, and materials are also somewhat overwhelmed. Silver and jade are known as accessories that help human health, so wear silver and jade ornaments. What are the benefits?

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Dai silver can be effectively sterilized

The reason why silverware is popular with most people is not only because silver is a precious metal, but also because it has a grade and identity. From a health point of view, it is because silver has a bactericidal effect. The principle of silver sterilization is not the reason why many people circulate the "toxins that can absorb the toxins in the body." The antibacterial mechanism of silver is metal ion action and photocatalysis. Mr. Zhang Wenzhao once said that the chemical structure of silver determines that silver has a high catalytic ability, and the high oxidation state of silver has a high reduction potential, which is enough to generate atomic oxygen in its surrounding space.

Atomic oxygen has strong oxidizing properties and can be sterilized. Ag+ can strongly attract sulfhydryl groups (-SH) on proteases in bacteria, and bind them quickly to inactivate proteases, leading to bacterial death. When the bacteria are killed by Ag+, Ag+ is released from the corpses of the bacteria, and then contacted with other colonies, and the above process is repeated, which is also the reason for the persistence of silver sterilization. According to scientific research, typhoid bacillus can only survive for 1 hour on silver tablets, and diphtheria bacilli can only survive for 3 hours on silver tablets. The bactericidal effect of silver can be seen! Therefore, the ancients like to use silverware to hold food, one is because It can show the identity of the owner, and the second is because the food of the silverware is not easy to spoil and can be kept fresh. Therefore, some people with lower immunity are more inclined to choose silverware to kill bacteria that may cause disease.

The widows want to say that the "silver needle test" we often see in martial arts novels is actually due to the chemical reaction between silver and toxic substances, which produces colored oxidized substances, so it is possible to use a pure silver needle to test whether the food is in the food. toxic; as for the human body is not good to wear silver silverware will appear abnormal, which is more fully described people as a whole, part of the body when the problem occurred, would result in a corresponding change in body fluids, sweat and skin appear, after personal silver binding substance in a body fluid of the wearer, a chemical reaction will occur naturally. Therefore, Guaren want to tell folks, from a certain point of view, silver may remind us of some of the body's abnormal information, but experts believe that silver does not treat human diseases, therefore, folks must not be too amazing to see the silver .

Dai Yu can adjust the body balance

Speaking of jade, China's jade culture can be traced back to the Paleolithic Age, and it has been passed down for thousands of years. There are quite a few legends about jade. There are many legends that Jade can expel ghosts, ward off evil spirits, and protect people's safety and auspiciousness. But now, as a technology society, if you still believe in the arguments passed down by these ancestors, the widows will feel a lot of pressure. According to incomplete research, the health care function of jade has indeed been recognized by modern science. Most of the arguments are that jade is a natural ore containing a large amount of gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium and magnesium. Trace elements such as manganese, some jade will also carry trace amounts of radioactive elements. When the jade is worn close to the body, the jade directly adheres to the skin. The trace elements in the jade will directly act on the human body, and the electromagnetic effect generated by the friction also resonates with the human body, thereby achieving the purpose of regulating the human body function and promoting health. In addition, the trace elements in jade may also have the effect of calming the human body. Therefore, it is said that ancient rich people use jade pillows, and they can live well if they sleep well. The use of jade pillows is also one of the means of health care. However, it has been mentioned that wearing jade ornaments must be close to the body, and secondly, it is necessary to play frequently, because the trace elements in the jade ornaments can better produce health care by contacting and rubbing with the skin.

Do Dai Yin and Dai Yu have any taboos?

Many people will buy a silver lock for their newborn baby. The widows have also heard the old man say that if the body is not good, don’t wear jade, otherwise the jade will suck away the essence of the person. In fact, wearing silver and wearing Jade does not have any special taboos and precautions, because silver is a precious metal, stable in nature, and jade is also a natural ore that does not cause harm to human health. But the widows still have a few points to remind everyone who likes silver and jade ornaments: 1. If you want to wear silverware, make sure you don't have metal allergies. If you wear all the allergies, you must not wear them again. Seek medical treatment; 2. Whether it is to choose silver or jade ornaments, it is particularly important to confirm that it is pure silver and true jade, because if it is a counterfeit and shoddy product, it may add various other chemical components and substances, thus causing a health hazard to the human body. Big damage.

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