On June 1, the special sales event of the factory in the department store of Autodesk is in full swing

On June 1, Attlefear wants you to have fun and playful childhood, always with innocence and happiness as fairy tale. Since 5.24 to 6.2 days, the company's factory sale of large-scale hot, the audience as low as 19 yuan! Let you "earn" overturned! Thanks for meeting you on the beautiful road with your peers! Address: Jimei North Road, Jimei No. 211 Vidal Clothing Co., Ltd.


六一到来 欧特菲尔公司厂部大型特卖活动火热进行中

Outfeel founder and chief designer Wan hanli, this life and sea knot under the indissoluble bound. From the beautiful scenery of Hawaii, to the modern dreamy Sydney, and then to the pleasant climate of Auckland, etc. Wanchali traveled many seaside cities in the world. You can use fascination and dedication to describe the feelings of the million cold chestnuts for the sea, and this emotion is the original source of inspiration for the design of Wan hanli.

Wan hanli has a unique understanding of the sea. In her eyes, elegant, romantic, passion is OUTFEEL from the sea brand spirit. In terms of fashion design, she advocates profound ideological and advanced fashion ideas and advocates the deconstruction and reorganization of each piece of clothing from the themes of marine culture, fashion elements, fashion trends and style details to create a fresh, comfortable and intelligent , Dynamic, coherent women's style. New sale now, the machine "benefits" not to be missed!

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