How to clean gold ornaments

As people's living standards improve, the requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. Wearing gold jewelry in the past is a very luxurious thing, and now the ordinary people can also bring gold ornaments, more and more people wear gold ornaments, does anyone know how to clean gold ornaments? Today, Xiaobian will come to you to solve the problem of how to clean the gold jewelry.

There are two ways to clean gold jewelry, you can try:

method one:

If you are buying a brand gold store, it is recommended that you clean the jewelry store with a purchase invoice or jewelry warranty maintenance card for professional cleaning. This is because professional jewelry cleaning uses ultrasonic tools to clean the jewelry, and the washing solution is cleaner than the self-cleaning at home.

Professional cleaning methods will not cause wear and tear on jewelry. Because the texture of gold jewelry is soft, it is inevitable to be deformed in daily wear. It is recommended to carry out professional jewelry shaping in the store after cleaning. The cleaning time is recommended for about 1-3 months, but if the oil is contaminated on the jewelry, it is recommended to clean it immediately to ensure the luster and life of the jewelry.

Method Two:

Manual cleaning method, this method is suitable for jewellery that needs to be cleaned frequently, or the jewellery gold shop is far away from home, and the daily patron is not convenient for the wearer. For most wearers to master the method of self-cleaning, the time cost will be greatly reduced.

Immerse the jewelry in warm water for 5 minutes, pay attention to the water temperature not more than 40 degrees, wash the gap of the jewelry with soft soft hair, and then wash away the soft stain after soaking under the tap water. Finally, use diluted detergent to soak for 10 minutes, then gently scrub the jewelry with soft soft hair, rinse with water until all the foam stains are removed, dry with glasses cloth or professional jewelry maintenance cloth, and put in jewelry. The box is saved or worn directly.

Friends who usually like gold ornaments should remember to clean the gold ornaments in time. The two methods introduced by Xiaobian are relatively simple. You can clean your own jewelry when you are casual. You must remember the two methods that Xiaobian introduces to you.

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