Appreciation of ancient jade to see flaws in three aspects

Appreciation of ancient jade to see flaws in three aspects From the shape of God to see the flaws in the shape and ornamentation, different eras of jade have their own characteristics, some jade workers can not see the real device, can only be based on the map, the various eras of jade models, textures are not very accurate grasp Therefore, in the imitation process, there are often situations in which Zhang Guan and Li Dai are involved, and some add their own personal imagination, so that the imitation of the previous generation of jade jewelry, but the emergence of offspring decoration.

In order to make counterfeit goods more realistic, some jade workers will also make special precautions for the handling of artifacts, such as dyeing, grilling, and cooking.

Therefore, in the face of a jade, we must consider the overall thinking. Modeling, decoration, carving, jade, twilight, luster, charm, etc. are all very important. We must observe carefully and compare carefully. The level of the antique jade craftsmanship is even higher, and there is still a difference between the ancient jades. Grasping flaws, the pseudo jades have no place to hide.

From the material point of view, flaws in the selection of materials, jade workers in order to achieve the purpose of making false, we must first work hard in the jade material. Unearthed ancient jade, jade is generally eroded, jade has changed, and some have even been injured, and the color has also changed. Therefore, jade workers prefer jade similar to it. Ming and Qing jade workers often choose inferior jade or jade roots to fake ancient jade. The Ming dynasty people like to use the yellowish, jade side skins and imitation jade materials; some jade workers in the Qing Dynasty focused on transforming the damaged ancient jade into different shapes of jade. During the Qianlong period, they used to The old jade reform, the old jade of this type of reform, more or less still retain some of the characteristics of ancient jade. In recent years, pseudo-jays have mostly been copied from books, and the counterfeit goods are close to the original device. However, many of them ignore the characteristics of jade, and some use antimonial rock and miscellaneous stones to prevent warring States. The name of the Han Dynasty is very easy to identify from jade.

From the point of view of the carving work, in the pseudo-jade carving technique, after the Song and Yuan Dynasty, the counterfeiting tools were different from the ancient ones. Generally, steel drills were adopted, and the rotation of the cooking utensils was obviously accelerated, reflected on the pseudo jade, and the machine The traces are very obvious. The method of drilling, drilling, and grinding is different from ancient times. For example, in the production of jade grain grain patterns, the use of tube drill nails, to the bottom of the valley spikes, leaving clear signs of pipe drilling, lost the charm of ancient jade.

Jade articles of different periods have different shapes and decorative techniques and different techniques. These have formed the characteristics and styles of ancient jade. Modern people use modern methods to imitation jade, and they must leave a modern People understand the modern characteristics of ancient jade and jade, they can only be approximated and cannot be resembled.

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