Qi Rui start hero will do "style" home service

As a Western "exotic", home service entered China in the 1980s. To the 90s of last century, with the improvement of people's spending power, the huge market power of home service gradually appeared in the world. More and more apparel manufacturers, including the original bra, warm underwear business, such as Connie Ya, Betina and so on, have spontaneously eyeing the home service. In just a dozen years, more than 1,000 enterprises specialized in home furnishing and part-time production of home furnishing services formed a preliminary "enterprise cluster."

绮瑞 - qirui

In the Chaoshan area to occupy the main market for home wear at the same time, other regions also see the future prospects of this market. In Zhongshan, has been making pajamas brands such as: Cona Ya, Fu Nilai, rely on more than 10 years of market hard work, at present in all regions of the country are selling well; Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Foshan area bra enterprises, also began involving the home wear industry, Adore, Triumph and so have home service; Foshan Carrie poetry is not just a bra, but also do women bath and bra washing products and home service. The American Standard, Dalier, autumn deer and other veteran home service enterprises in the first-tier cities in the mall firmly occupy a place; the same time, a large number of traditional garment enterprises have begun to enter the industry, such as three shots, Goldlion and so on.

All of a sudden, flying all over the home service, because we do not want to lose the first chip in a new industry opportunities, are also looking forward to this new pie can bring their own business new profit growth point. However, China's home wear industry is still in its infancy, the stage of demolition. So far, the homewear market has not produced a real leading brand. At the same time, as a new industry, home service has also exposed many problems in its development. If the empty market prospects, but the concept of consumption is not strong, poor access, blocked high-end channels, the same style, lack of talent, the only way to solve all these problems is to strengthen the brand strategy.

"Qirui brand start heroes activities will be through training agents, franchisees, employees, improve the company's brand operations team all day quality.When the brand to a certain stage, you can not break the bottleneck when the outbreak of growth. Qi Rui, deputy general manager Liu Yuyang said. At the same time, this is also a kind of training benefit given by the enterprise to the agents, franchisees and employees of Qirui, which will help them to be more passionate and creative in their future work.

"Now, in the domestic clothing industry, most brands spend millions of celebrities please do a celebrity endorsements, and then propaganda in CCTV, in the country Guangzhao franchisees, agents, 'leapfrog' development.This is mostly Brand development to take a way, but it is not suitable for Qirui. "Liu Yuyang said.

It is understood that six years of hero held in three years will cost the company 10 million funding, which is entirely enough to invite two big stars, but the company did not do so, the company hopes to use the money for the company, used in the company brand development, Give back to the agents, franchisees and employees, so that they feel the company care for them and love, enhance the cohesion of employees, and lay a solid foundation for the future development of enterprises.

In the brand culture Shangqi Rui has always adhered to the combination of Chinese and Western. Since the brand was founded, Qirui brand positioning in the high-end, focusing on product design and terminal display, the concept of brand development around the "home" culture to create. In the view of Qirui, home is everyone's "safe haven", returned home to put on a comfortable home service, can make a day of intense work mood to be fully relaxed. "As people's living standards continue to improve, living environment is getting better and better, people's quality of home life is also getting higher and higher, home service can make home more harmonious." Liu Yuyang said. Qi Rui home service not only to meet consumer demand for clothing, but also a carrier of lifestyles, a warm, stylish, relaxed and comfortable symbol of home culture, carrying the pursuit of high-quality home life.

According to reports, Qi Rui's products include not only the traditional, wearing a bedroom pajamas and bathrobes, sexy dress skirts, as well as "out of the hall," decent home furnishings, but also include "into the kitchen" workwear, And can go to the community for a walk and other casual wear. Qirui brand home service fresh showing a trace of European romance, at the same time with the warmth of the East.

"The Chinese nation has a very deep cultural heritage, everyone has a strong love complex, but consumers are not familiar with the home service nowadays. The consumption of home service also requires a lot of guiding work to create and nurture Out of a new market, "Liu Yuyang pointed out that" the home service to achieve rapid development, we must counter, stores and other stores to home culture layout out to mobilize the purchasing needs of consumers. "

At present, more than 400 stores throughout the country, stores in the store, the image of the store unified the image of VI, to achieve standardized stores, unified, and launched an Internet marketing, started in a broader platform to promote home-service culture. "Qi Rui do not want to do the home service industry's first brand, but certainly must be the most style of the brand." Liu Yuyang said in the future, the future, Chirui will advocate through the brand image of a new terminal home lifestyle. In his view, "fashion changing, the only style forever" is the truth of the apparel industry.

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