Flower of honey - Kaki house fashion children's winter new fashion storm is about to convene

From July 12 to July 16, 2011, the Kaki House 2011 Winter New Product Launch and Order Fair, which is titled "Flower Honey", is about to be held in the beautiful coastal city of Taishan, Guangdong. More than 700 distributors from all over the country Business and a number of media reporters about to attend the conference dress, children's fashion industry is about to usher in a new season of fashion storm. The order will be "Moonlight Night Cocktail", actual marketing training, new release show and on-site ordering of the four links, the order will be, Kaki House will release a new season, "vibrant children's clothing" innovative products , The elite designer team effort to build the three series of nearly 500 models incorporating a variety of color elements of children's clothing, distinctive theme, full of creativity, fashionable and will be presented for the first time in the majority of participating partners and media friends in front of. It is reported that the entire order will be magnificent scene, the perfect fit "flower honey" theme, make full use of winter elements and creative display props, vivid layout, the original static order will become a vibrant show. Beautiful show, lovely cute playful little model, the theme of a clear series of clothing show, all for this order will bring the feeling of shock. "Flower Honey" theme motif and creative interpretation of the theme of catwalk products, give the participants a gorgeous visual gluttonous feast. The live fashion stage, music, lighting and background to create, but also people feel like being in a stylish and full of fun childrens fashion PARTY.

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