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Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, the forefront of the fashion apparel brand in China. It is a collection of children's wear, children's wear R & D design, production and sales In one of the specialized garment enterprises. More than 10 years of development history, the company has been "customer-oriented market-oriented" principle, and strive to achieve with the franchisee "create a win-win" business philosophy. In 2006, offside apparel launched its own brand "offside youthwear" brand, and the formation of a large number of business elite focus on building, once listed, offside youthwear won an extraordinary response, and now has left a good reputation. Offside youth collection sports, leisure and fashion three major clothing styles, take the public style line, in line with modern urban consumer dress taste. Apparel size positioning for the 130cm - 180cm, version after special treatment, the body is too tall, too fat children can pick the favorite fashion clothes. Out-of-date juvenile wear will be two or three types of cities as the main direction of development as a whole, its high-end products, mid-range price is in line with the average urban household consumption levels, both to meet their fashion, fashion trend of quality, but also to achieve more Low prices in exchange for higher quality value of the pursuit of affordable and practical clothing consumer choice. The development of end markets, offside juvenile equipment to take the franchise, provincial / municipal agent system and single store franchise system, and joined the agents in the process of cooperation, offside Jumbo installed unique brand advantages and franchisees to give strong support to become a brand Winning market success tips. 2, the low barriers to entry, cost-effective, high quality and low price, the market is vast, with the most extensive consumer groups and market space; 1, should be timely market, accurate positioning, professional operation, 3, exquisite style, good quality, credit guarantee, strong production management ability to ensure the brand's cost advantage, quick and effective contingency; 4, product development and design capability, the company director as product director to ensure that the brand style of coherence and durability , With long-term brand development potential; 5, brand trader with more than 15 years of experience in the industry with professional managers, with a profound "knowledge of" advantages, to ensure the brand's healthy and rational development; 6, the company's various functions Departmental colleagues have sufficient professional qualifications, with good technical standards and professional ethics, to ensure that the norms of the operation of the market effectively; 7, professional and dedicated operation and promotion support, is conducive to the construction and healthy development of the terminal retail market, corporate legislation The world of "the market needs" principle; 8, the brand name "offside" for football high-frequency The rate of the use of nouns, with unique significance, high visibility, promotion of fast, wide acceptance and taste advantages. Add: Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Jia Jun Jia Jun Industrial Park offside teenagers Merchants Website: http: // /

The craft candle is a candle which produces all kinds of color flame in the combustion,can as Christmas Candles or Wedding Candles,is also Scented Candles,Floating Candle, Silver Candles , and is composed of the main combustion agent, the hair color agent and other auxiliary agent. The principle of hair color is in accordance with some metal ions or their compounds in the heat, the molecules in the high temperature effect, from the original orbit, the formation of transition movement. Electrons emit the energy stored in the original when they jump, and emit a variety of gloss, the color of the light depends on the radiation spectrum of the substance.
1, there are a variety of burning colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, etc..
2, non-toxic, no smoke, tasteless, can eliminate the smell.
3, the combustion temperature of 85 DEG C, after turnover is not easy to burn.
4, the flame is soft, can DIY make the color of the candle body, free combination of flame color.
5, wick combustion does not produce CO combustion gas, no pollution to the environment.
6, for natural organic matter, easy to dissolve, with soap and water is easy to clean.

Craft candles

Multi-Color Craft Candles,Christmas Candles,Scented Candles,Wedding Candles,Floating Candle,Silver Candles