National weather cooling OL wear what coat?

For professional women, clothing with not only more appropriate to be more temperament, in the face of the country's cooling weather, then OL women wear more suitable jacket it? Xiao Bian today brought you a few stylish coat jacket with a model that allows you to wear stylish and stylish atmosphere, so that work is also a good mood, take a look at it!


Such a emerald jacket jacket, colorful bright, add a feminine soft little girl atmosphere, and very lined color Oh! Coupled with a black fur collar and chest, cuffs two black plush trim, people shines bright feeling. Take the black bottoming shirt + black shorts + black stockings + black high heels, legs seem slimmer slender.


In the long section of color mosaic jacket coat, fine pop style, retro and stylish, with self-cultivation version, stylish and warm. Black fur collar is to make the overall more elegant atmosphere, take the white turtleneck, black shorts under wear, and a pair of black knee-high boots, people seem capable and spirit.

Image Source: He chose the brand women's clothing

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