Corduroy fabric clothing style analysis

Although China's corduroy fabric design and production in the forefront of the international community, but for a long time mainly for the international market, domestic consumers and even some designers even know the corduroy clothing is not enough, resulting in corduroy clothing design and development still In a relatively backward position, but also can not keep up with the update rate of corduroy fabric, it is necessary to analyze the design style of corduroy clothing to promote the development of corduroy clothing. Corduroy clothing through the application of diverse fabrics to achieve a flexible mix of colors and enhance the theme of the sense of style injection also highlights the fabric characteristics at the same time, with the modern garment design concept, so as to form their own unique style. After summing up and inducing, corduroy apparel basically has the characteristics of simplicity, internalization, humanization, nationalization, pastoralization and common people. 1, simple style Simple is the conscious choice of people, is fully back after the original refined, the use of simple materials, simple deconstruction and refined details to reflect the modern concept of life, the spirit of the clothing convergence in the simple Under the profile. Simple and does not mean simple, simple style corduroy clothing, it is necessary to consider the proportion of clothing itself, rhythm and balance, but also take full account of coordination with the human body. Profile is the first element of simple design, through the precise results and techniques to complete the application of color to pure, the general use of plain corduroy fabric, preferably tight organization, feel smooth, moderate thickness , Better shape-type varieties. Simplification focuses on the integrity of decoration, structure and function in design principles, emphasizing human subjectivity. Simple style of corduroy clothing shape more line modeling and surface modeling, less use of point modeling, because too much use of point modeling makes the garment appear cumbersome and lively, the general use of symmetrical elements, reflecting the dignified, steady, elegant image Noble noble people do not stop, there is a kind of intrinsic quality strength. However, this style, will appear visually too serious, dull, by changing the color configuration of corduroy, velvet direction, etc., to increase visual stimulation. 2, the intrinsic style of clothing "Connotation" is relative to the "exterior" in terms of, speaking more abstract, in simple terms, with the characteristics of style apparel products, more or less convey a culture The spirit of the Chinese elements deduce subtle beauty, lace and frills is a symbol of fresh, elegant ladies to fabric texture and color contrast to confess the "Korean version" of the cultural taste of the fabric irregular stitching performance of pragmatism Wait. When we are designing corduroy garments, we generally regard the expression of the theme as the expression of style. In a set of corduroy clothing styles or combinations, in order to express the prominent theme, from the style, function and optimization of the emphasis, in the color, block or decoration with a primary and secondary composition method, showing a harmonious Cohesion. Such as the use of inlaid, disc clasps and other Chinese design emphasizes the subtle and elegant oriental style. Corduroy clothing emphasis on the parts of the collar, shoulder, chest, waist and other parts, such as a bland package, playing a small bow in the collar, can lead to the visual main point of the face, and make the overall increase in life, dress up Tie a belt to emphasize the dynamic waist and so on. In corduroy clothing design, a common combination of the opposite relationship between the shape elements, that is to achieve the purpose of highlighting the theme, mainly in the following areas: style comparison, the length of the clothing style, elastic, straight, movement Contrast, color contrast using the three elements of color and color of the shape of the area of ​​the location of the formation of contrast; material contrast refers to the material texture contrast, such as stiff and soft, rough and delicate, thin and heavy and so on. 3, national style national style is traditional into the modern style of graceful style. Corduroy clothing is usually based on the traditional process to create a national style, including embroidery, plate buckles, inlaid decoration and imitation blue printing, batik and other printing process, but also through the color or profile or detail on the national characteristics. Such as red embroidered corduroy Tang suit, bright color sleeve, Rose, lemon yellow, grass green, so bright, before and after the package deduction are the same color, the perfect echo, simple but not straightforward. Of course, the national style is also international, such as corduroy fabric to the end to splicing and embroidery combined with the approach to create a rate of exotic. In another example, the clothing made of English-style corduroy, nature reflects the characteristics of England. By changing the style length, width, complexity, size of the area, change the color hue, name, purity, area, etc., to change the corduroy texture, pattern density and so on, through the complicated decoration process, etc. Make the vision reach the balance bar. In the high-paced modern society, it can make people stop for a short while, relish the history and inherit the civilization with different beauty and meaning, so the national style is the designer's bored pursuit. Today's clothing does not have the absolute national private content, designers should all kinds of national elements kneading into a modern fashion element, flexible use of corduroy clothing design, expand corduroy clothing style, shorten the difference with other clothing culture. Humanistic design has become a trend and the mainstream, corduroy clothing must be a mature concept, exquisite workmanship, harmonious colors to fully reflect the wearer's inner and outer beauty. At the same time to meet the needs of people, to adapt to the needs of people for the garment design of the important principles. Corduroy fabrics unique natural style and soft color, and the concept of human-based hit it off. Such as the commuter style of semi-casual clothing, professional taste dodge, but exquisite workmanship has a simple, concise, refreshing feeling, so dress even more modest, such as flat shoes with a sense of flu hair excellent hair or silk Sensuous corduroy loose trousers, sweaters, not only can wear on vacation, can also appear in the office or reception. This fusion is also reflected in the neutral style of clothing design, and fast-paced life to adapt to the current, style design elements of the more and more magnificent, neutral as the theme of the city has always been corduroy clothing, which performance Out of the thoughtfulness and tolerance is human-style interpretation. 5, idyllic style Pastoral style advocating nature, the pursuit of the original, simple beauty, against tedious decoration and excessive carving, drawing inspiration from nature, with generous Shu Song style, natural materials, simple colors to bring to people A kind of carefree mood, to ease the pace of modern life to bring people all kinds of mental stress. Blue sky, blue sea, barren hills, snowfields or a grass, wild flowers will become the source of its design, bustling fade into the clean environment. General use of cotton material, thin, soft or ultra-fine strip of corduroy fabric to create this style, simple stripes, Xiaofan Ge, floral patterns, cotton lace and so on are common elements of pastoral style, and even wearing When formed folds have become a natural beauty of a sign. 6, civilians style With the improvement of human material and spiritual civilization, civilian clothing has become the inevitable history. This is also the economic principle of a corduroy clothing design requirements, the choice of simple style, reasonable materials, fabric texture and classic style of the same time, from another perspective, the designer from the public life to find creative material is The performance of civilized clothing art. Hippie, punk, hip-hop, street style formation, it is the result of civilian clothing, this top-down fashion provides a more casual with clothing and dress patterns, corduroy fabrics are born The affinity to adapt to civilian-style language is a broad field of application of corduroy fabrics. All kinds of corduroy fabrics, because of their different weaving process in color and texture will be different, showing a different visual aesthetic effect. Corduroy clothing of different styles, but also through a specific corduroy fabric design and processing can really be highlighted, the fabric is the beauty of the material shell, the overall effect of corduroy clothing has a great impact. Conclusion There is no style without clothing. The style of corduroy clothing embodies the value orientation, intrinsic character and artistic features of clothing, with a distinctive sense of the times, and forms a variety of forms according to the profile, style, color, technology and decoration techniques Stylized Of course, the artistic style of corduroy clothing is not only in line with the corporate brand image, but also based on the popular theme, but also to study the needs of the target audience style, and at the same time it determines the aesthetic culture of corduroy clothing.

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