Blue tourmaline color types

Blue tourmaline color types

Blue tourmaline color types and price trends Tourmaline can be divided into a variety of colors, some common, some expensive, of which the blue tourmaline is probably a rare variety of tourmaline, and blue tourmaline refers to light blue, navy, green Blue, purple blue, dark blue, blue and black, such as blue tone-based tourmaline.

However, pure blue tourmalines are quite rare, especially with pure blue tourmalines, whose blue color is bright and bright, comparable to the most beautiful aquamarine or sapphire. Most of the blue tourmalines produced by nature will have green tones more or less. At the same time, due to the bichromatism of the tourmaline and the strong internal stress structure, only a few gem cutters can fully show the blue side of tourmaline. Once the wrong cutting direction is selected, not only the color will not show up, but also the internal tension will cause the stone to suddenly break into useless pieces during the cutting process.

1. The blue-green bicolor tourmaline's first "blue tourmaline," although it looks like the other half also has a little blue head, but looking at the "blue" alone is actually a kind of green, of course, and the ordinary green tourmaline color is very different . This price is higher than green tourmaline, of course, much cheaper than real blue tourmaline.

2. Blue-green tourmaline This blue tourmaline is the blue tourmaline that most businesses sell on Taobao. By professional shooting of the business, even PS, plus the right light, the basic look is blue. But this got his hand, carefully look, with a little green head, to do the certificate, the certificate is written in blue-green. Here is also attached my own photos, and business photos, this is also a kind of blue tourmaline can see on the market it! The price Well, more expensive than the first, but some businesses but it is expensive to sell Oh! However, it is not bad to buy this.

3. The blue tourmaline This blue tourmaline is a little more scarce than the blue-green tourmaline. The price starts to rise linearly. The Taobao won't see the cheap, the color is blue, but it's deep, the fire is not enough, but the blue is enough. purely.

4. The bright blue tourmaline saw the legendary, brightest genuine peacock blue tourmaline. The tourmaline's color is hard to describe. I can only use it to compare the blue and green tourmaline to compare the difference between the two blue, but fierce At first glance, it looks a bit like a green head, a green head, and a pure peacock blue. And with the second blue tourmaline, there is a color difference.

5. The sky blue tourmaline was finally filled with light blue.

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