“Bamboo” has earned tens of millions of dollars worth of valuation investment.

To mention "specialty", many Yueqing people know that it is a major e-commerce brand in Yueqing. It specializes in maternal and child products. It was founded in 2010 by the young "85-year-old" Gaochun, not only has its own "Specialty" shopping mall. , And in the Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong (topic reading), Suning (topic reading), Gome's website has opened a "special baby" flagship store. In the statistics data of Tmall in 2012, “Specialty Baby” had achieved the best performance in the country and Zhejiang in the same product.

Recently, Gao Hao made another big move. He created an app named “Bamboo”, which has been on the line for only two months. He has obtained two rounds of tens of millions of yuan in valuation from Beijing Heima Capital and Assembly Capital. .

"Bamboo Xiang" main children's clothing scene shopping

Yesterday, the reporter also downloaded a "Tamako." This is an APP store that sells children's clothes, but compared to an ordinary shopping mall, it appears to be “small and fresh”. The first thing to see is not a product, but a scenario.

“Funny childhood is like candy”, “Beautiful countryside blossoms”, “Mom I want to grow up,” “Little rabbits open the door!”, “Is the second-child policy ready to let go?” ... One by one scene is sweet, or warm, or realistic, coupled with beautiful pictures, scenes expressed in the United States, cute children's clothing models, beautiful clothes, does have the desire to make the "handsaw party" immediately shopping.

To mention this idea, Gao Yu said that he just wanted to turn customers' "needs" into "wants". In the past, many people online shopping, most of them are thinking of what to buy, and then go to the major platforms to search to see which sort of sales, the highest heat, and finally take a look at the comments, to decide whether to buy. "The standard products like the iPhone 6 are fine, but like non-standard markets, such as children's clothing, women's clothing, you search for explosives, search out is a few things." Gao Hao believes that the existing e-commerce platform, most of them only meet The guest "needs" the purchase request.

Gao Yan introduced the scene shopping model, that is not necessarily what you want to buy, more is to browse through a life application scene to find the baby you need in this scenario, resulting in emotional and demand resonance, after reaching a deal. For milk powder, diapers and other standard products, users certainly know how to choose. But for non-standard products, users actually do not know what dresses their children can wear at the party and what kind of clothes they should wear when they are full. “Bamboo Incense” is a scene through which mothers can quickly discover what they really want and enjoy affordable children's clothing, children's shoes, and other maternal and child products.

"Recently it often rains, consumers may want to choose which rain boots to choose from in the rain. Then we will arrange for him to be a scene." Gao Hao said that these days they had a special rainy day, which can be seen To a lot of cute shoes, hats, raincoats, waterproof backpacks and other goods, consumers will find this time in the rainy scene I want these treasures.

He also gave an example under the line. A table lamp is placed on the wholesale market as a solitary desk lamp. But IKEA put it in a study room scene. At this time, you see that the use of the lamp is not the same, and then You may even buy all the peripheral goods such as desk shelves, because it is a set. But when you bought a desk lamp, you didn't really think of buying a bookshelf. It was just because you saw it.

Explore mobile marketing

After the marketing of the PC has become more and more familiar, with the increase of mobile phone shopping, in recent years, Gao Yu has devoted more energy to the exploration of mobile marketing methods.

“When we first started opening stores on major e-commerce platforms, we brought dividends through standard products. But last year, profits from standard products such as milk powder became thinner and thinner.” Gao Hao clearly felt that on the platform Everybody's price war is too severe, and the cost of drainage is getting higher and higher.

So, at the end of 2014, he founded a new project called “Bamboo Incense”, which specializes in non-standard items such as children aged 0-12, and innovates in marketing methods. When this scene shopping model was launched, it received the attention and praise from the industry and attracted the attention of the capital predators. At present, "Bamboo Fragrance" is available in WeChat, Android, and Apple, and can be downloaded from major app stores.