Aristocratic Treasures - Rainbow-like colorful precious stones - Opal

Opal's English is Opal, which originated from the Latin Opalus, meaning "the beauty of the gem." Ancient Roman natural scientist Pliny once said: "On an opal stone, you can see the ruby ​​flame, the amethyst-like stains, the emerald green sea, the colorful, seamless, beautiful."


Australian Opal Origin

95% of Opal's origin is in Australia, and the types of opal are more comprehensive (black opal, white opal, crystalline opal, fossils of animal and plant fossils, etc.), of which the quality black opal produced in New South Wales Most famous. The water content is relatively stable, relatively thin, and also thick (relatively small, if the color is good, the price of opal is high)

North America, Mexico

Opal origin is also in North America, Mexico, where the main production of fire opal, crystal opal, white opal, etc., water opal.

Africa Opal is mainly produced in Ethiopia, mainly producing: black opal (mainly dark brown), fire opal, crystalline opal, white opal, water opal (opper with relatively strong water absorption and dehydration ability).

Brazilian origin

Piauí, in northern Brazil, is the most important opal producing area besides Australia.


At present, there are many African opals on the market to pretend to be Australian opal. Their price disparity is very large. In the next article, the article will introduce the difference between African Opal and Australian Opal.

Opal variety

1, black opal


The body color is black or dark blue, dark gray, dark green, brown. It is ideal for black. We call it black opal. Black Opal is the most famous and expensive opal variety produced in Leiden Ninrich, New South Wales, Australia. Black opal does not mean that it is completely black, but its body color is darker than that of the opal with a lighter body tone.

2, white opal


White Opal is an opal that appears discolored in white or light gray body color, transparent to translucent, mainly produced in Coober Pedy in South Australia, Australia. White opal has a relatively large color tone and a relatively large yield. White opal can't be as bright and contrasting as black opal. However, the high-quality white opal with very beautiful colors is also found.

3, crystal opal


The crystalline opal can be any of the above, and refers to a colorless transparent to translucent opal having a color changing effect.

4, fire opal


Translucent to opaque varieties with no color change or less color change, generally orange, orange red, red, bright red is the most expensive in fire opal.

5, gravel opal


The gravel opal is attached to the inseparable iron ore by a color-bearing opal, mainly produced in Queensland, Australia. This opal can only be cut together with iron ore. The thin color opal is wrapped on the surface of the iron ore. The color of the opal looks very beautiful due to the contrast of dark iron ore.

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