People raise jade, jade raise people? Talk about the chalcedony bracelets


"Why should you be wide-minded and wrestle around the wrist?" The simple ten words will bring out the exquisiteness and sentiment of the bracelet. Together with the chalcedony, it often gives a sense of beauty and refinement. The natural combination of the two So that the chalcedony bracelet will show the word "extraordinary" to the extreme. "Life and death are broad, and the child is pleasing to the child. The hand of the child, and the child is old." Walking in the red dust, most women can't escape a love word, and this is just a dozen words, but the truth is true. .


The chalcedony bracelet is a wonderful piece of jade bracelet. Because the chalcedony bracelet has high hardness, rich color and long-standing cultural connotation, the designer will often add auspiciousness and blessing to the design of the chalcedony bracelet according to its characteristics. The elements of love and other beautiful meanings are themes. Like rings, necklaces and other jewelry that people often wear, the evolution of bracelets has also undergone the gradual sublimation of totems, contracts, decorations, and art. Its aesthetics, functionality, and practicality are also constantly changing with the times. Progress and refinement, from the earliest singularity to the richness of today. This also makes the bracelet of this woman's wrists the most graceful pair of decorations, from then on the love of the vows, the deep love, shallow in the dust, floating in the world, in the flood of time, different The stature gesture appears in one story after another, vague and clear, old and fashionable. In addition, the gentleness of chalcedony is more consistent with the traditional temperament of oriental women, which will make the wearer's temperament warm and tough, and be good and elegant. Therefore, since ancient times, many women who have knowledge, thoughts and interest have loved to wear chalcedony bracelets.


In the folk, there has been a saying that chalcedony can stop the evil and evil spirits. It is believed that wearing a chalcedony bracelet can help the master to resolve all negative influences and protect the auspiciousness of the wearer. In daily life, we often hear the saying that someone has encountered an accidental accident and found that he was miraculously unharmed, but the beloved chalcedony bracelet was damaged in the accident. Or there is such a saying, someone bought a chalcedony bracelet in the early years, the original color is not particularly good, but in recent years, the more you wear the water, the green is also seen, it must be Fuze deep people. In fact, although these claims are not based on science, they are nonsense, but they are not groundless. The chalcedony itself is the crystallization of nature absorbed by the essence of the heavens and the earth. It is rich in mineral content and is worn for a long time. It can promote the microcirculation with the magnetic field of the human body. Jade, jade raises people.

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